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Culinary experiences with vinegar

Culinary experiences with vinegar

Unfortunately, natural, untreated vinegar

Unfortunately, natural, untreated vinegar
Vinegar is one of the oldest and most tried and tested ingredients known to man. Modern consumers are getting more and more demanding, meaning that only high quality products may be produced and offered for sale.
Unfortunately, natural, untreated apple vinegar does not keep very well and lots of big producers use apple concentrate containing practically no fresh fruit. Good apple vinegar is made, fermented and bottled using fresh, ripe fruit so that minerals, vitamins and nutrients are not lost and our bodies can take on the full benefit of their effect. All vinegars bearing the ‚Red Rooster’ seal of quality come from a South Tyrolean farm and fulfill these requirements.

Whether made from pure apple vinegar or refined with various herbs such as estragon, basil, dill or even local fruits such as grapes, apricots, strawberries or pears - our vinegars speak for themselves. Only high quality fruit, the best wines and the finest herbs are used by farmers to make vinegar bearing the ‚Red Rooster’ seal of quality.

Apple vinegar – for good health
Vinegar has many uses: nutritional, medical, cleaning.....and is also tasty on its own. Along with numerous trace elements, fresh, unfiltered apple vinegar contains lots of natural potassium and therefore has health-promoting properties. Vinegars made using local fruits and herbs have found their way onto our menus, offering new culinary possibilities. Whether added to bright, fresh salads or as seasoning in main courses, vinegar will always add taste to your meals.
Why not just try Red Rooster’s vinegar products for yourself?

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