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The five stars of ‚herbal heaven’

The five stars of ‚herbal heaven’

Make it a healthy winter with ‚Red Rooster’ herb mixture

Aromatic herbs
Christmas is around the corner and outside bitter cold, snow, ice and frosty sunshine reign. Your own four walls suddenly seem wonderfully cosy and inviting. When it’s cold and grey outside and the nights are long, what could be better than treating yourself with aromatic herbs from five South Tyrolean ‚Red Rooster’ herb farmer.

Air fragances turn the period before Christmas into a magical aromatic journey with something new to discover every day. The wide select range of pure and natural herbs reflect the variety of different fragrances and their effects. The numerous herb mixtures, from ‚Abendruh’, and ‚Zaubertrank’ to ‚Wintersonne’ and ‚Traumfänger’. along with the wide range of various individual herbs will suit every taste – it all depends on what you feel like!

In South Tyrol, gathering herbs is an old tradition that has received a boost over the past 20 years through more specialist cultivation. The local climate provides the ideal environment for the growth of over 120 different healing and seasoning herbs, planted and tended according to strict organic guidelines. Their sunny mountain position and small cultivation areas guarantee the plants’ healthy development and they are able to grow rich in their vital natural contents. These fragrant herbs don’t just smell good, they have health-promoting and even healing properties. There are lots of reasons to use ‚Red Rooster’ herbal products – here are just some examples:


  • High ethereal oil content, genuine flavour
  • No traces of herbicides, pesticides or radiation
  • Low allergy-risk
  • Without glutamates, flavour enhancers and colouring
  • Obligatory use-by date through fresh packing
  • Grinding by (Chargen) on site
  • Sun and air drying saves energy resources
  • They get you in the mood for Christmas with their festive fragrances

Get to know the farms and what goes on there. You can find useful hints on the power of herbs at - herb farmers.

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