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Farm life
Farming country South Tyrol

Farming country South Tyrol

All about farms

Of the 7400.43 square kilometres of total area in South Tyrol, 241.952 hectares are farmed. This is in addition to woodland and fallow land.

The number of farms, from the smallest to the largest, is 26,455, including 12,810 cattle farms, to give a few statistics on South Tyrol farming country.

Area put to agricultural use, whether intensive or extensive, i.e. whether vineyards and orchards or meadows, grazing and arable land, is spread over the whole area from the valleys to the timber line. This countryside is the overwhelming natural feature of South Tyrol, and it is the lifeblood of the farmers, who have long given our homeland its character.
South Tyrol, rural countrysides

A bird's eye view

South Tyrol, rural countrysides

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Getting to know South Tyrol

How are the vineyards in South Tyrol divided up, where do the most goats live and where are the largest mountain pastures? Become a real expert on South Tyrol and click through South Tyrol’s rural world. Have fun!