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Farm holidays in Latsch

Farm Holidays in Latsch - holiday flats and rooms in South Tyrol

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A Farm Holiday in Latsch provides a range of options: leisurely walks, winter fun on the ski slopes or cultural tours of discovery.

The market town of Latsch lies in the lower Vinschgau valley, with fruit farming – particularly apples – shaping the landscape. Traditionally, 'Marillen', or Vinschgau apricots, are grown and turned into delicious products. But it's not just the contrast between the lush green Nörderberg, the numerous apple trees in the valley and the sparse vegetation of the Sonnenberg that make Latsch look so charming. Art-historical gems, such as the many little local chapels and country houses, attract people's gaze and interest.

The main villages in the municipality, Latsch, Goldrain and Morter, are mostly in the valley basin. The houses of Tarsch, on the other hand, occupy a slightly elevated position on a debris flow cone that is visible for miles around – a geological peculiarity of the Vinschgau valley. There is even one holiday flat in Latsch situated at 1,700 metres above sea level: St. Martin im Kofel on the steep slope of the Sonnenberg may be reached in a few minutes by cable car from the centre of Latsch.

Farm Holidays in Latsch : tracing history
There are a number of churches and houses in Latsch that are of architectural and art-historical importance. A frequently-used building material is Laas marble, which is well known beyond the borders of Europe. The main entrance to the parish church of St. Peter and St. Paul and the Gothic entrance to the hospital church of the Holy Trinity were built from this material. In 1992, a 5,000-year-old marble standing stone was discovered during restoration work at the church of 'Unsere Liebe Frau auf dem Bichl'. St. Stephen's Chapel at Morter, with its entire interior painted with impressive frescoes, landing it the name of 'South Tyrol's Sistine Chapel', is particularly worth a visit. The fortress of Obermontani rises up on the rocks at the entrance to Martelltal valley next to St. Stephen's chapel. The history of the building of this medieval fortress goes back to the 13th century. It is associated with a very important discovery: an original 'Nibelungenlied'manuscript from 1323 was discovered there. Today, this one-off find is stored in the Berlin State Library identified as 'Nibelungen manuscript Codex I'.

Hiking days on a Farm Holiday in Latsch
A holiday flat in Latsch makes the ideal base for lots of hikes. The Vinschgau high alpine path, with a total length of over 100 kilometres, leads past a number of viewpoints. The apple orchards look like an intriguing puzzle made up of different geometrical figures from above. The highest mountain in the district of Latsch is the Hasenöhrl at a height of 3,257m – anyone who hasn't climbed their local mountain at least once in their life is not considered to be a proper 'Latscher'. Sports fans will find lots of ways to get active on a Farm Holiday in Latsch, too. Latsch is considered to be the cycling paradise of Vinschgau valley and attracts cyclists from from all corners of the globe with its trails. If you prefer to take it a bit easier on two wheels, you'll love it here, too. The cycle paths in Vinschgau valley are ideal for excursions with the whole family.

Why take a Farm Holiday in Latsch?

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