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Farm holidays in Tramin

Farm Holidays in Tramin - holiday flats and rooms in South Tyrol

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With added spice – this doesn't referred to high prices on a Farm Holiday in Tramin,but a worldstar amongst wines.

Lots of people have heard the word Tramin many times without having heard of this village in South Tyrol. This is thanks to the place's greatest son – Gewürztraminer wine. The world-famous wine has always enjoyed ideal conditions in the gentle hills of the parish, which lies around five kilometres south of Kalterer See lake. And the districts of Söll and Rungg also have a few things that their 3,000 inhabitants can be proud of.

A Farm Holiday in Tramin: Devils over Bethlehem
Good things come in small packages: sometimes it's advantageous to keep things short and to the point at work. On a Farm Holiday in Tramin, however, it's worth taking a little more time. In fact, it's not just Gewürztraminer wine that you shouldn't miss out on, but Bethlehem is also worth a second glance. We don't mean the town in the Near East, of course, but the oldest quarter of Tramin, which has been given this name by its inhabitants. The district is shaped by so-called 'Grafenhäuser', homes to noble families, which almost look like fortresses. If you follow the gently-rising road, after a leisurely ten-minute walk you will come across St. Jakob in Kastellaz Chapel with its well-preserved 13th -century Romanesque frescoes. Besides images of Christ, the Apostles and the four Evangelists, there are strange hybrids of humans and animals dancing before viewers' eyes. If you wish to escape these demons, a step out onto the square in front of St. Jakob's Chapel will reveal views of Tramin and the broad Etsch valley.The nearby sight of the village church will catch your eye. This is the highest walled church tower in Tyrol and stretches 86 metres up into the sky.

Who's afraid of the black man?!
If Tramin captures your imagination, you can get to know the village better in the 'Hoamet' museum. This provides insights into the history, culture and customs of the place. One custom in particular takes centre stage like no other in Tramin – the Egetmann Umzug. This Carnival procession is held on mardi gras of alternate years. Nearly the whole village takes part in this enormous spectacle. The background is quickly explained: Egetmann Hansel is getting married and invites everyone to his wedding. This event is hardly a 'Christian' occasion, though. The witches, snap critters and lots of other soot-blackened figures go down the streets on foot and on floats making a right racket. At every village fountain, the wild procession stops and the 'proclaimer' takes aim at Egetmann dressed in his black tails and his bride. But be careful, if spectators are not careful, they'll get teased by these wild characters and blackened with soot.

There's no place like home
“The world may be large and full of sunshine, but the best spot is homeland mine“ is the start of the 'Bozen mountaineer's song'. And even if it was notpenned by a Tramin native, they can sing it out loud. Staying in a holiday flat in Tramin does not just mean coming across soot-blackened figures and strange hybrids. The landscape around the village is perfect for walks or bike rides. There is a varied hiking path involving a 'via ferrata' to Roen, the highest mountain in the Mendel mountain ridge, for example. The Tramin high altitude path requires slightly less stamina, on the other hand. The area may be explored by bike along the Etsch river cycle path, for example. The large swimming pool at Tramin and nearby Kalterer See lake will more than cater for the acquatic needs of water rats.

Can a Traminer without wine be a true Traminer?
Tramin locals don't just know about wine, but they know how to celebrate their wine, too. Events focussing on wine in general take place throughout the year and on the Gewürztraminer grape in particular. 'Gewürztraminer Kuchl' in May, along with 'Gewürztraminer Weinstraßenfest' in July and 'Traminer Weingassl' in October make sure that the wine does not turn to vinegar in the cellar.

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