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Farm holidays in Eppan

Farm Holidays in Eppan - holiday flats and rooms in South Tyrol

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The fact that a Farm Holiday in Eppan is highly promising may be seen when you realise that South Tyrol could well have been called South Eppan.

When the Counts of Tirol, whom Tirol is named after, began to extend their power in the 13th century, the Counts of Eppan were considered some of the fiercest adversaries in the battle for local power. Even if the Counts of Eppan drew the short straw in the end, and there is no such thing as South Eppan today, these turbulent times were still good for Eppan. In this municipality, nearly every inhabitant has a castle-dwelling nobleman or noblewoman as their neighbour: the 180 fortresses, castles and country residences no longer serve to fend off enemy attacks, but are waiting to receive visitors. The medieval fortifications are spread across the ten districts of Eppan, which lie between Bozen and Kaltern in the Überetsch area and have St. Michael-Eppan as their main town. With an area of 60 km², the whole area is slightly larger than the neighbouring municipality of Bozen.

A feudal Farm Holiday in Eppan
With this huge concentration of castles, old fortifications should take priority in a description of Eppan. After all, they are up to a lot more than their venerable age may suggest. Schloss Sigmundskron castle, right above the district of Frangart, houses the Messner Mountain Museum, for example. In Schlos Moos-Schulthaus, a museum dedicated to medieval domestic culture has opened. By means of an intact medieval kitchen, a gothic parlour and old furniture, it conveys the feeling of life in a medieval dwelling. In Schloss Hocheppan, on the other hand, which was for some time the haunt of the Counts of Eppan in the Middle Ages, the castle chapel is of art-historical significance. In the so-called 'Sistine Chapel of the Alps', the 'Knödelesserin', or 'dumpling-eater', may be admired along with lots of other 13th-century frescoes. This is the oldest representation of 'Knödel' dumplings in South Tyrol and worldwide. If you still can't get enough of castles, then the Eppan 'Burgenrunde', or 'castle walk', should be on the cards, which goes from Schloss Korb above Hocheppan to the ruins of Boymont, where views may be enjoyed of the whole valley basin.

You can't see the highlights for the trees
A Farm Holiday in Eppan also provides the ideal base for hikes. The best thing about this is that some of the best-known natural highlights in South Tyrol lie in the municipality of Eppan, literally hidden in the woods. Montiggl See lakes, nestling in the middle of Montiggl Wald forest nature reserve, make a rewarding goal for cyclists and hikers especially in summer. So-called 'Frühlingstal', or 'spring valley' lies nearby, which sees spring arriving as early as the end of February with a sea of liverwort, snowdrops and yellow primroses thanks to its being in a climactically-favoured spot. A walk to a slightly cooler natural spectacle is particularly appreciated by families in high summer: cold air streams from the 'Eislöcher', or 'Ice Holes', even on the hottest summer day. The countryside around Eppan is not just for hiking, though. Golf has become increasingly popular. 'The Blue Monster' golf course opened in 2015 in Unterrain and caters for beginners and experts. If you feel like saving your legs and prefer to go on horseback, you won't be disappointed. The local riding club offers rides for tourists.

Event stronghold Eppan
Eppan promotes itself threefold with castles, lakes and wine. The whole municipality is influenced by wine growing like no other and wines from St. Michael-Eppan winery have received multiple awards. For this reason, wine often occupies centre stage when it comes to events in Eppan. Ep During the 'Weinkulturwochen' weeks in July, you don't just have to be content with wine theory, but can make your own personal acquaintance through tasting wine. This is accompanied by all sorts of South Tyrolean culinary specialities and a full cultural programme, such as a guided tour through the 'cathedral in the countryside' – the impressive parish church of St. Pauls. After this there is 'Spatium Pinot Blanc', Europe's only Pinot Blanc event, which takes into account the fact that some of the best Pinot Blanc wines in Italy mature here. Finally, St. Pauls village fete, taking place every other year in September, will tempt guests out of their holiday flats in Eppan. Courtyards and cellars that are normally just for private use open their doors and no one goes hungry when 'Giggerle' roast chicken, 'Kropfn' doughnuts filled with jam and 'Straubn' funnel cake are served up.

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