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Farm holidays in Montan

Farm Holidays in Montan - holiday flats and rooms in South Tyrol

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Anyone on a Farm Holiday in Montan will soon notice that they are in 'Montagna'.

'Montagna' is nothing other than the Italian name for Montan, which, like every other place in South Tyrol, has an Italian name as well as a German one. This has often caused confusion amongst holidaymakers. In Montan, the reason for these translations lies buried. The grave of Ettore Tolomei may be found in this municipality above Auer in the South Tyrol Unterland area. He was a staunch fascist who promoted the Italianisation of South Tyrol after the First World War. The fact that both names now grace the signs shows that he did not succeed and that both linguistic groups live peacefully together. And 'Montagna', which means 'mountain' in Italian, does not just have a historical dimension in Montan, but a symbolic one, too.

Farm Holidays in Montan: Holidays in nature
Montan and the hamlets of Glen, Gschnon, Kaltenbrunn, Pinzon and Kalditsch that belong to it are not just in the mountains, but right near some of the greatest natural beauty spots in South Tyrol, too. Near the village is the biodiverse biotope of Langensee. Another natural monument may be found at Castelfeder biotope between Auer and Montan, which, with its steppe-like landscape and historical ruins, makes a great day out for children. A UNESCO World Heritage Site may be found in nearby Aldein: the walls of the Bletterbachschlucht gorge with its many layers bear impressive witness to the origins of our mountains. Last but not least, is Trudner Horn Nature Park, which takes up a large part of the municipality area. 400 kilometres of marked hiking paths runs through its 70 square kilometres of nature reserve, which is well known for its biodiversity.

Make way!
Some wonderful tours may be chosen from a holiday flat in Montan out of this catalogue of hikes. At the top of the list should be a walk along the tracks of the former Fleimstal railway line, which, until 1963, connected the South Tyrol Unterland with the Fleimstal valley in Trentino. This stretch is ideal for mountain bikers, too. In September, it becomes the setting for the 'Montaner Genussmeile', where lots of tasty fare may be enjoyed from lots of stands belonging to clubs and associations from Montan. Another well-known walk goes past the Fleimstal tracks – the Montan panoramic path. And it keeps its promises. It leads past Schloss Enn castle, which rises above Montan on a hilltop.

Courtly music
Schloss Enn was built in the 12th century and has changed owners several times. It has been the property of a patrician family from Venice for 350 years now and may not be visited, unfortunately. There are a few exceptions to this, including a concert by the Montan music band in the courtyard, which attracts visitors every year. As well as offering the chance to visit the castle, people are mainly interested in enjoying this special concert backdrop.

The blue red wine
Tourism is not the only mainstay of Montan. The municipality is part of the South Tyrol Wine Road and there are plenty of vineyards surrounding the village. Pinot Noir from Montan is particularly famous and has several events dedicated to it. A highlight are the 'Pinot Noir Days' between April and May, when the best local wines may be tasted and awarded. A glass of Pinot Noir, as well as a number of other culinary delights, await visitors between July and September, when Montan and its districts hold their village fete.

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