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Farm holidays in St. Pankraz

Farm Holidays in St. Pankraz - holiday flats and rooms in South Tyrol

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Lots of hikes in unspoilt countryside and healing drinking water await on a Farm Holiday in St. Pankraz.

The small village of St. Pankraz lies on a slope at an altitude of 730 metres right at the start of Ultental vallley. Surrounded by coniferous forest and meadows, it is mainly popular with hikers and those seeking peace and quiet. The cobbled village square, rustic inns and old farmsteads, geranium-adorned windows and balconies create the look of the village. The neo-Gothic church with its pointed 56-metre-high tower is a landmark, too. Once a year, the historical village centre turns into a large open-air restaurant at 'Pankrazer Bergtisch' culinary festival. St. Pankraz enjoys a quiet spot, yet is not cut off from the rest of the world. The village of Lana with its options for shopping and events may be reached in just ten minutes. The deeper reaches of the valley are likewise not far, where there are even more hiking options.

On a Farm Holiday in St. Pankraz: get a taste of rural life
Nowadays, apples, which thrive particularly well on the sunny slopes, are grown in lots of parts of St. Pankraz. Harvesting the steep slopes is quite a bit more difficult than in other areas, however. Farms higher up the mountains still keep livestock. The farmers produce a lot of things themselves: they smoke 'Speck' and sausages, some farmers bake their own bread and turn the fruits of shrubs and trees into jam and juice. Guests on a Farm Holiday in St. Pankraz can delve into this rural everyday life and get to know St. Pankraz and its traditions first hand.

Don't forget your hiking boots
Lots of hikes in the local area start right from a holiday flat in St. Pankraz. There's something to suit every mood or taste: gentle paths through woodland or extensive tours to nearby mountain peaks. Hikes in Falkomaital and Kirchbachtal valleys featuring unspoilt countryside amidst pastures and lakes are especially popular. Base for these routes is St. Helena – a place that holidaymakers on a Farm Holiday in St. Pankraz should not miss out on. Seen for miles around, St. Helena Chapel sits on a hill at 1,550 metres above sea level, surrounded by sparse woodland. This 14th century sanctuary has a particularly ornate side altar with Baroque effigies and a sculpture of Mary from 1700.

The little house on the boulder
In 1882, a storm caused the Falschauer river to burst its banks. This terrible flood washed away the whole valley floor in one night. Just one house was left standing. Its owners did not know that it had been built on a large mass of rock that the flood had not been able to sweep away. Still today, people in Ultental speak of a miracle. The little house is a real attraction and has become a popular goal for day trippers in the meantime. The impressive remains of the medieval fortress grounds of Schloss Eschenlohe on a hill above St. Pankraz are an interesting sight. They have to be admired from below, as the fortress is not open to visitors these days.

Healing springs in Ultental valley
Ultental valley is known for its healing waters with a high iron and mineral content. There are several, once-flourishing bathing posts between St. Pankraz and St. Walburg: Mitterbad, Bad Lad, Lotterbad and Überwasser. Their waters were used in drinking cures and baths centuries ago. Mitterbad, in particular, at around 1,000 metres above sea level, was a famous spa and healing resort. The young Otto von Bismarck stayed here to take the waters and even proposed to the daughter of the bath master – unsuccessfully. The Austrian Empress Elisabeth was a regular guest at Mitterbad and the painter Franz Defregger and the writers Thomas and Heinrich Mann often took the waters in the quiet baths of Ulten valley. These days, the premises housing these baths are derelict, yet the water from the springs is still used by the inhabitants. It's no surprise that the water tastes best when drunk right from the tap or fountain on a Farm Holiday in St. Pankraz.

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