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Farm holidays in Dorf Tirol

Farm Holidays in Dorf Tirol - holiday flats and rooms in South Tyrol

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A Farm Holiday in Dorf Tirol combines culture with nature. Walking paths, castles, fortresses and historical farms are just waiting to be discovered.

The landscape of Dorf Tirol pulls out all the stops – the area begins at around 600 metres and stretches up to the Spronser See lakes in Texelgruppe Nature Park at 2,500 metres above sea level. The valley is dominated by cypresses, palm trees and lemon trees as well as apple orchards and vineyards, with fir trees and Alpine flowers higher up. Snow often glistens on the surrounding mountain peaks in summer. Along with the countryside, the extensive history of the place will make staying at a holiday flat in Dorf Tirol such a great experience.

Farm Holidays in Dorf Tirol: experiencing history and culture
The history of Dorf Tirol is shaped by Schloss Tirol, the former seat of the Counts of Tirol. This hilltop was settled as far back as pre-historic times. Today, the South Tyrolean Museum Culture and Provincial History featuring the most comprehensive historical collection in the region is housed here. Visitors can view exhibitions and go to events all year round. The castle of Brunnenburg is not far from Schloss Tirol. The former home of the American poet Ezra Pound now accommodates an agriculture museum. Photographs and film footage show the working processes of earlier agriculture and handwork carried out in the local area. A Farm Holiday in Dorf Tirol will be spent surrounded by precious witnesses to past times, as there are other interesting castles, fortresses and churches to see in Dorf Tirol, such as the Zenoburg, Schloss Thurnstein and the early Romanesque church of St. Peter with a baptismal font from the early Middle Ages.

Characteristic witnesses: the 'Muthöfe' farmsteads above Dorf Tirol
The historical 'Muthöfe' farmsteads at an altitude of 1,100 metres on the steep slopes of the Mutspitze mountain are worth a trip. These are special witnesses to farm culture, as their history goes back to the Middle Ages. At the time, around 1284, the farmsteads of Hochmuth, Mittermut (Wenner), Talbauer and Untermut could only be reached on foot by on horseback. The inhabitants of this mountain settlement made a living from pasture and dairy farming. Even today, the lives of these mountain farmers involve hard work. The steep terrain may not be farmed by machine, and the hay has to be gathered in by hand. Along with livestock farming, the farmers of the 'Muthöfe' grow rye, barley and buckwheat, smoke 'Speck' and sausages in the winter in their rustic curing cellars and work milk into tangy cheese. Spending a Farm Holiday high above Dorf Tirol will involve seeing life on a mountain farm at close hand. .

Hiking, tradition and customs
Fruit and wine farming are the main protagonists in and around Dorf Tirol. The sun-drenched village has dedicated two themed paths to them accordingly: the 'Apfelweg' apple path and 'Weinweg' wine path. These and other paths, such as the 'Panoramaweg', 'Kulturweg' and the old 'Dorfwaalweg' are perfect for strolls that will not have the little ones getting bored. More experienced hikers will really appreciate the stretch of the Meran high altitude path above Dorf Tirol and a tour in Texelgruppe Nature Park. Staying at a holiday flat in Dorf Tirol does not mean tramping about in walking boots the whole time. There are events catering for every taste, from the spring music event of 'Kulturfrühling', to 'So kocht Dorf Tirol' culinary weeks and 'VinoCulti' wine festival. There are botanical guided tours through the village and daily bird of prey shows in the bird rescue centre at Schloss Tirol, where injured and helpless birds are nursed back to health and released into the wild when possible. There is also an interesting educational trail concerning the fascinating lives of birds of prey.

Why take a holiday in Dorf Tirol?

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