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Farm holidays in Algund

Farm Holidays in Algund - holiday flats and rooms in South Tyrol

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On a Farm Holiday in Algund, there are eight districts of the municipality with different vegetation, historical walking paths and rural events to discover.

As early in the year as March, it's like being at the Côte d’Azur in Algund, with a temperature of 15 °C. The many apple trees start to blossom at this time and a white-pink carpet of flowers stretches over the garden village. The area around Algund reaches from the orchards at 300 metres above sea level up the slopes to green meadows and further on towards mountain pastures at above 1,000 metres altitude. The eight different districts of Mühlbach, Algund Dorf, Forst, Vellau, Mitterplars, Oberplars Ried and Aschbach form a puzzle belonging to the most colourful in the land.

Farm Holidays in Algund: apples, wine and milk
Orchards have shaped the landscape of Algund for over a hundred years. In 1893, farmers founded Algund cooperative and today farm a total of 500 hectares of land. As the grapes in the village crest bear witness to, this garden village is one of the oldest wine-growing areas in South Tyrol. Algund Dorf and Mühlbach occupy a valley position surrounded by orchards, while Mitterplars and Oberplars stretch across vine-covered slopes. The district of Forst on the side of the valley opposite Algund Dorf is dedicated to the Forst brewery, which brews special beer. In the higher-lying villages, such as sunny Vellau at nearly 1,000 metres above sea level, there are dairy farms. From here, an old-fashioned basket lift goes up to Leiter Alm pasture, where tours in the mountains of Texelgruppe Nature Park begin. The people in the sunny hamlet of Aschbach at 1,360 metres above sea level are mountain farmers living from traditional livestock farming. Some farmhouses are shared, because there needed to be space to accommodate two families when they were built. During a holiday staying at a holiday flat in Algund, you can expereince the rural daily life of Algund farmers up close. Even today, old farmhouses and stately residences along with lots of churches and chapels shape the districts. The fortress of Burg Vorst and Maria Steinach Abbey, dating back to 1243 and raided during the Tyrolean farmers' uprising in 1525, are worth a visit.

Taking a voyage back in time on an action-packed holiday
Around 160 kilometres of hiking paths, lots of cycle paths and challenging mountain bike trails lead from Algund to high up in the surrounding mountains. 2,000 years ago, the ancient Romans passed through Algund on the Roman road Via Claudia Augusta. A popular cycling route has been named after the old Roman thoroughfare and you can still see the pillars of the ancient Roman bridges across the Etsch when you go down it. Anyone choosing a Farm Holiday in Algund has to be prepared to make further decisions: Algund is the ideal base for lots of hikes. The Algunder Waalweg walk is particularly popular. Paths like these were laid alongside irrigation channels to allow maintenance work access to repair problems with the water flow. Water was vital for farming the dry slopes. Today, the Algund Waalweg, as well as most of the other 'Waalwege' paths, is a much-loved walking path that leads through orchards and deciduous woodland. The Algund wine trail going towards Vellau, which tells of the history and culture of the vineyards, is worth a trip. 15 information boards describe the 'Waal', the old grape varieties and the work of the 'Saltner' watchman, who protected the ripening harvest wearing extravagant costume. Keen sports climbers will love South Tyrol's largest boulder area in in Algund.

Getting to know the country and its people
For all the guests of the hotels and holiday flats in Algund, the place has a comprehensive range of events to offer: farmers' markets afford an insight into the world of farm produce, wine tastings beckon connoisseurs or just those who like a glass. A highlight in autumn is 'Törggelen', a custom that dishes up the new wine when chestnuts are ripe. A number of eateries and inns in Algund serve their guests typical South Tyrolean treats such as cured meat, 'Krapfen' pastries and roasted chestnuts. So that learning about dairy farming in South Tyrol does not just remain theoretical, visitors to the dairy in Algund can try their hand at making fresh cheese – followed by a tasting session, of course.

Christmas charms
A Farm Holiday in Algund has its charms not just in spring, summer or autumn, but during the cold season, too. In the run-up to Christmas, stands at the Christmas market get visitors in the festive mood with hand-made products, warming drinks and Christmas treats. On weekends, South Tyrolean specialities such as 'Muas' dessert, apple fritters, 'plentener Ribl' pancakes or sweet pancakes are conjured up over old wooden stoves. Anyone still fancying a shopping tour after going round the Christmas market can do so with a short bus or car ride – Meran is not far away.

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