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Farm holidays in Sand in Taufers

Farm Holidays in Sand in Taufers - holiday flats and rooms in South Tyrol

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Anyone on a Farm Holiday in Sand in Taufers will find an eldorado for active holidaymakers and might meet a damsel in distress.

The municipality of Sand in Taufers consists of the villages of Sand, Ahornach, Kematen, Mühlen in Taufers and Rein in Taufers and comprises the area from the extensive Tauferer Boden across the slopes in the north and into the sparsely-populated high valley of Rein.

Your hiking Farm Holiday in Sand in Taufers
Apart from some smaller areas around the valley basin, the whole of Reintal valley enjoys protected status. The famous Reinbacher waterfalls are to be found here. The valley branches off at Rein: behind Knuttental valley in the northeast, the 3,000-metre-high mountains of the Venediger Gruppe rise up, while the Bachertal valley in the southeast is dominated by the Rieserferner mountains. It's obvious that this twofold arena is a hiker's paradise. The hiking paths in extensive Knuttental valley are particularly loved by families and leisurely hikers. The Durreck provides a higher mountain to conquer or the stretch to Klammjoch pass may be done by bike. The Italian-Austrian border has been here since the end of the First World War, and carrying on down the valley on the Austrian side, you can reach the East Tyrolean village of St. Jakob in Defereggen. The pass marks the border between Rieserferner-Ahrn Nature Park and Austrian Hohe Tauern National Park, too.

The cows are coming home
Taking a Farm Holiday in Sand in Taufers means experiencing rural tradition up close, too. The 'Almabtrieb' at Rein in Taufers is known across the border. When the cattle come back down to the valley at the end of the summer, Pustertal locals celebrate 'Kiekemma'. After grazing on mountain pastures over the summer, shepherds accompany the cows back to their stalls at the start of autumn. In the middle of September, the cattle are adorned with bells, wreathes and flowers. The arrival of the cows is announced from afar by their bells of various pitches and sizes, while spectators and the local traditional music band await in the village to get the party started. 'Kiekemma' is a special event in lots of places in Pustertal valley and all sorts of delicacies are prepared in farm kitchens for the occasion.

The unhappy countess
Burg Taufers features large castle grounds that rise up proudly northwest of Sand in Taufers on their rocky outcrop and watch over the start of Ahrntal valley. The gorge-like strait beneath the castle, the 'Klapf', represents the end of the Tauferer Tal in terms of geography. A visit to the old walls is not for the faint-hearted. When the guide suddenly drops their voice during the tour and tells the story of fair Margarethe, a shiver will run down visitors' spines. Even today she haunts the castle and her screams may be heard all over it. The castle chapel, with its old frescoes and wood-panelled living rooms, takes visitors on a holiday in Sand in Taufers back a few centuries. The castle was built by the Lords of Taufers in 1220 and is considered one of the most significant ancestral seats of the Middle Ages.

Beneath open skies
Those staying at a holiday flat in Sand in Taufers or the surrounding area should not miss out on one thing: the Taufers 'Stroßnkuchl', or 'street food'. This is considered the mother of all street food in South Tyrol and tradition and cuisine meet in the alleys of Sand in Taufers in July and August. Cooks from inns and restaurants cook in the open air and handcrafts are on display. This involves a mixture of tradition and novelty, just as in the cuisine. A variety of traditional and less traditional music bands, traditional 'Schuhplattler' dancers and street artists provide entertainment.

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