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Farm holidays in Völs am Schlern

Farm Holidays in Völs am Schlern - holiday flats and rooms in South Tyrol

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On a Farm Holiday in Völs am Schlern, you find that wonderful holidays can involve a touch of witchcraft.

The Schlern massif - hardly any other mountain in South Tyrol abounds with so many myths and legends. The characteristic shape of this mountain massif has always fascinated its viewers and many see more than just a mountain. On the wide back on this petrified coral reef, witches have always met to dance and party with the devil, according to South Tyrol legend. In the Middle Ages, nine women were accused of witchcraft in the area of Völs am Schlern alone and condemned to death. Schlern witches still exist today in the form of the protected Alpine thrift grasses that thrive here. And you can head for to the muncipality of Völs at the foot of the Schlern with no sign of witches and devils today.

A Farm Holiday in Völs am Schlern: nature²
Even if witches are a rare sight in Völs, you can still visit their favourite place. A walk from Compatsch to the 'witches benches' will take you to their dancing spot on the Schlern. These 'Hexenbänke' are actually large rock formations resembling seats where the head witch is said to have sat and kept an eye on everything. Hikers can enjoy wonderful views from these benches, but Rosengarten-Schlern Nature Park has lots to offer, too. A popular destination is Völser Weiher, a small lake set amidst pine forest with views of the Schlern. Is was created as a fishing lake in the 16th century and is now one of the top three cleanest bathing lakes in Italy thanks to its intact eco-system. It's no wonder that lots of South Tyroleans as well as locals head there in summer to take a dip in its cool waters. If you feel like earning a refreshing dip after working up a sweat, there are lots of hikes starting and ending at Völser Weiher lake. In winter, one of the eleven sledge runs in this holiday region finishes here – it's no wonder that so many successful natural track luge athletes come from Völs am Schlern.

The Oachner Farmstead Trail, which gets its name from the little village of Völser Aicha, allows discovery of another corner of this nature park. It leads past lots of traditional farms, some of which contain holiday flats, and covers the area around Aicha with its St. Johann church and impressive Schloss Prösels. The seat of the Lords of Prösels was first mentioned in records back in 1279 and has been elaborately restored. Every year, the 'Oswald-von-Wolkenstein-Ritt', a medieval riding tournament, takes place at the start of July.

Getting married to views of the Schlern
A marriage held at Schloss Prösels will allow you to fulfil your dreams of being a prince or princess. Lots of farms offering Farm Holidays in Völs am Schlern have their own small chapels, where weddings can take place, too. But you don't have to be getting married to enjoy a holiday here: Völs am Schlern has been a spa resort since 2003 renowned for its hay wraps. The grass is freshly mown and dried in the morning and evening. Meadow herbs, such as lady's mantle, thyme, gentian, cinquefoil and arnica are not just wonderfully fragrant, but add to the beneficial properties of a hay wrap.

Eating and marvelling
If you feel like a little culture after so much nature, then the 'Pfarrmuseum' parish museum in Völs is worth a trip. This museum, housed in restored St. Michael Chapel in Völs, displays pre-Gothic sacred works of art from churches and chapels of the surrounding area. At Schlern International Music Festival in June and July, talented music students give daily performances under the patronage of UNESCO involving a series of top musicians. Another annual highlight is the 'Völser Kuchlkastl' in October. 'Kuchkastl' was the name given to a cupboard where provisions used to be stored. Now, this name is given to a culinary month when restaurants and inns from Völs lend new interpretations to typical South Tyrolean specialities and serve them up for their guests.

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