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Easter farm holiday

How would you like to collect freshly-laid eggs from your favourite hen before breakfast and get to know the Easter bunny in person. A farm holiday can be a great idea at Easter too – instead of having the hassle of keeping the kids amused yourself, there’ll be plenty of surprises in store for them on the farm!

A holiday on a farm really has quite a few highlights to offer over the Easter period. It’s great for grown-ups, but even more so for the kids, who can watch happy free-range hens laying their eggs and then collect them straight from the nest or stroke and feed their own ‚personal‘ Easter bunny on the meadow.

A farm holiday in South Tyrol will offer you and your loved-ones comfortable holiday accommodation and a wide range of family-friendly farmhouses to choose from. What could bring parents greater satisfaction than seeing their children’s eyes light up with excitement? Adults, in their turn, will learn to appreciate the small, simple things in life like discerning different sounds, perceiving colour and smelling the spring in the air – the delight of simply being on holiday!

Do you feel like treating yourself?

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