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7 good reasons to take a Farm Holiday in South Tyrol in October:

South Tyrol’s most rustic side valleys


The best thing about South Tyrol’s side valleys is the fact that you can get away from city life, with all its noise and traffic hurtling through.
South Tyrol’s most rustic side valleys
Collect autumn leaves


It’s also a great time to collect autumn leaves and get creative making collages out of what you find around you.
Walk and enjoyable evening’s ‚Törggelen’


Those on holiday here can combine a walk with an enjoyable evening’s ‚Törggelen’.
Törggelen in South Tyrol
The first apple juice


How do you know if there is really freshly squeezed fruit when ‚freshly squeezed’ is on the label? Try the first apple juice of the season on the farm and experience the real meaning of ‚freshly squeezed’.
Harvesting and pressing the grapes


Watch the farmer at work harvesting and pressing the grapes.
High quality fresh Red Rooster products


Take a piece of the farm home with you and stock up on a load of high quality fresh ‚Red Rooster’ products.
Farmer´s Autumn in Bozen
The sugary-sweet Gewürztraminer grapes


Only once you have tasted the sugary-sweet Gewürztraminer grapes will you understand why vineyards growing this grape variety are so well protected against hungry birds.