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7 good reasons to take a Farm Holiday in South Tyrol in March:

The arrival of spring in the Italian Alps


Nowhere else can you feel the arrival of spring better than in the middle of meadows and woodland.
March in the mountains


When the frost-hardened earth starts to thaw in the warmer areas, it’s a real pleasure to rediscover the smell of the soil in the garden.
Traditional Lent culinary treats


Lent doesn’t only mean doing without, but can also open up a whole new world of traditional Lent culinary treats.
Mountain holiday in South Tyrol in march


The contrast between the snow-covered mountains and the green valleys best shows off the changing of the seasons.
Spring walks in the Italian Alps


In the southern parts of South Tyrol, you can go on spring walks even before the official start of spring.
After the long winter


Watch the farmer sowing the seeds after the long winter.
Back country skiing in the Italian Alps


Experienced off-piste skiers know that the danger of avalanches is at ist lowest and the fun potential at ist highest only when the névé is good and you start your descent early.
Ski touring in South Tyrol