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Farm Holidays in Schluderns: a medieval atmosphere

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Farm holidays in Schluderns
The fortress of Churburg perches visibly and majestically above the village. Your eyes will return to it again and again on a Farm Holiday in Schluderns.

The little farm village of Schluderns lies in a sunny spot sheltered from the wind at the foot of the Sonnenberg at the point where upper Vinschgau valley becomes mid-Vinschgau Valley. Its twisty alleyways and old walls already seem to have a slightly southern character, and vines thrive here along with fruit thanks to its mild high altitude climate. Yet traditional livestock and dairy farming is widespread and makes up the most important agricultural branch. Schluderns is a particularly green municipality and Schludernser Au is a biotope that provides refuge for lots of endangered animal and plant species. Covering 140 hectares, it is the largest area of alluvial forest in South Tyrol and was granted protected status back in 1976.

Farm Holidays in Schluderns: the Churburg, the village landmark
You cannot miss Churburg castle on a drive through Vinschgau. It occupies a stately position at the start of Matschertal valley and gives the impression of surveying the whole of the surrounding area. That's why anyone staying in a holiday flat in Schluderns just has to plan a trip to this castle. It was built back in 1250 in Romanesque style. After it passed to the Counts von Trapp at the beginning of the 16th century, there followed several extensions and conversions. Churburg castle has had the character of a splendid Renaissance castle since the end of the 16th century. It is one of the best-preserved castles in the whole of South Tyrol, also due to the fact that it was never under attack or involved in wars. The highlight of a visit to this landmark of Schluderns is its large private armoury: the over 50 complete sets of knights' armour on display will amaze both adults and children alike.

Ein mittelalterliches Wochenende A medieval weekend
A Farm Holiday in Schluderns may also be used to go on a trip back to the Middle Ages for a weekend. On one weekend in August, the 'Südtiroler Ritterspiele' medieval games take place from Friday to Sunday involving an international line-up of over 1,300 participants: tournaments, processions, medieval market, jugglers and musicians will enchant adult and children alike.

Rural life
The feudal character of Churburg castle belies the fact that daily life in Schluderns was marked by hard work and not niceties. Vintschger Museum in Schluderns provides a comprehensive insight into the recent and not-so-recent history of the area around Schluderns, into how people dealt with poverty and into the deeply-rooted customs and traditions of the area. Local from Obervinschgau valley still uphold the age-old tradition of 'Scheibenschlagen', or the flinging of flaming discs: at the end of Lent, young men fling flaming discs of wood down the slopes into the valley during the night. The background to this practice is said to be a pre-Christian fertility ritual that seals the end of winter. The are also finds from archaeological excavations at Ganglegg on display in Vintschger Museum. In the 1990s, the remains of a fortified high settlement from the Bronze and Iron Ages were discovered on this unassuming, long shale hilltop covered by moraine scree.

Leisurely walks and bike rides
Like lots of municipalities in South Tyrol, Schluderns has some lovely walking paths running along 'Waale' water channels. These channels were laid by farmers in particularly dry areas to irrigate their fields. Nowadays, the paths are much-loved walking paths and are an essential part of South Tyrol. A holiday flat in Schluderns makes the ideal base for cycling tours, too. Thanks to the Vinschgerbahn train with its own shuttle service for bikes, you don't have to pedal up every single hill any more.

Why take a holiday in Schluderns?
  • An authentic, rural environment
  • Meadows and pastures as far as the eye can see
  • Countless options for an active holiday