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Discovering Vinschgau valley on Farm Holidays in Mals

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Farm holidays in Mals
Mals has a lot to offer those on a Farm Holiday. Alongside traditional cattle farming, apple growing is gaining in importance in this municipality in upper Vinschgau valley.

With an area of nearly 250 square kilometres, Mals is the second-largest municipality in South Tyrol in terms of area. Yet, with just 5,000 inhabitants, is hardly densely populated. Extensive meadows and fields shape the landscape in upper Vinschgau: Malser Haide, or Mals heath, is unique in the Alpine area and is criss-crossed with old irrigation channels, or 'Waale'. Eyes are drawn from the meadows below to the high, snow-capped mountain peaks. The Ortler mountain, at 3,905 metres high, rises up towards the sky and is the highest mountain in South Tyrol.

A Farm Holiday in Mals: cows, cherries and ...whisky
On holiday in Mals, it's still plain to see the traditional tendency towards livestock farming. Grassland management is very important and dominates the countryside. Over the past few years, fruit farming has been on the increase. While apple growing in this municipality lying at over 1,000 metres above sea level was scarcely conceivable until a few decades ago, its mild climate and installation of modern irrigation systmes now makes in increasingly viable. Strawberries are grown in Matscher Tal valley, whilst apricots and cherries may be found in Mals. Historically, Vinschgau was known as the granary of Tyrol and some farmers in upper Vinschgau valley are going back to their roots once again. They grow grain to organic guidelines. This goes into baking tasty Vinschger Paarln bread, essential to any light snack, as well as distilling whisky. The neighbouring municipality of Glurns is home to the only whisky distillery in Italy. I

The village of the seven towers e
Anyone enjoying the view from the balcony of their holiday flat in Mals will find a few towers standing in their way. Mals used to be known as the village of the seven towers, with five of them left standing today. One of these is St. Benedict's tower, while the others belong to the parish church of the Assumption, St. Martin, St. John and to Fröhlichsburg. In addition, Mals looks out to the highest-lying Benedictine monastery in Europe. Impressive Marienberg Abbey above Burgeis is over 900 years old. It houses a museum and takes in guests who agree to lend a hand at work and prayer. You often come across St. Benedict on a Farm Holiday in Mals: the little church of St. Benedict is one of the oldest churches in Europe still standing and features frescoes dating back to the 8th or 9th century A.D.

Peace and action
A holiday flat in Mals means peace and quiet in a genuine agricultural setting. The small local museum in Laatsch, which displays hundreds of utensils for daily life from times gone by, provides an insight into old traditions and customs. Mals makes a good base for a variety of walks, mountain hikes and mountain bike tours, too. The mountain pastures in Matschertal valley are popular with hikers in summer and with ski tourers in winter. The nearby ski slopes at Watles attract skiers in winter, too. There are countless destinations for excursions starting out from Mals. Buses run to Switzerland or over the Reschen Pass to Austria, while the town of Meran may be reached in 80 minutes taking the Vinschgerbahn train. The journey affords views of the landscape of Vinschgau valley seen through large scenic windows. Farm Holidays are available in Mals as well as in the villages of Burgeis, Laatsch, Matsch, Planeil, Schleis, Tartsch and Ulten-Alsack.

Why take a holiday in Mals?
  • Quiet spot amidst orchards and cattle farms
  • Lots of cultural and historical destinations
  • Ideal for summer and winter holidays

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