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A Farm Holiday in Glurns: the little medieval town

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A Farm Holiday in Glurns (© Glurns Marketing)
Discover the smallest town in South Tyrol and the only town in Vinschgau Valley at the same time on a Farm Holiday.

The small town of Glurns in upper Vinschgau Valley has just 900 inhabitants. This makes it the smallest town in South Tyrol – and the ideal holiday destination thanks to its unique charm. It was first mentioned in records in 1304 and has changed little over the course of the centuries. A ten-metre-thick wall with three towers – the Tauferer, the Malser and the Schludernser Tor – surround the small town, which is easy to explore on foot.

A Farm Holiday in Glurns: the town and its barns
There used to be lots of farmers living within the walls of Glurns all having at least a few cattle to their name. However, it soon became evident that the narrowness of the alleyways was making life difficult for them. Even feeding them became inconvenient in such a small space. The town was simply too small, which is why, especially in the 1980s, lots of farmers relocated and moved their farms outside the town walls. The farmhouses featuring barns in the town were preserved, however. These days, these old barns are often converted to dwellings, which fit very tastefully into the townscape. The Office for Listed Buildings sees to it that all building projects are closely monitored.
br/> The 'Lauben' arcades in Glurns Die Glurnser Laubengasse
Streets featuring arches on either side are typical for South Tyrol's towns, and the same goes for Glurns. Duke Meinhard II had the streets laid and the arches built at the end of the 13th century. It was mainly artisans that moved into the little street, and it was later used to house cattle. Nowadays it fulfils its original purpose once more and is perfect for a leisurely stroll.

The palabirn pear - sweet temptation
On a Farm Holiday in Glurns you have the chance to taste all that thrives here. Just as in the rest of Vinschgau valley, apples are grown around Glurns, but not everywhere. Apricots, several types of vegetables and even grain are grown around here, too. However, one speciality of Glurns is the palabirn pear. The pears from mighty, knarled trees have grainy flesh and a particular taste. When eaten freshly picked, they are not as sweet as other types of pears, but they have a very intensive taste when dried. They cannot be stored, which is why they may only be eaten fresh in autumn. During the rest of the year they may be eaten dried or as an ingredient in bread and in 'Zelten' Christmas cake. Watch out for a palabirn tree, which can grow to be over a hundred years old, in the garden of your holiday flat.

Your holiday flat in Glurns is not just a place to relax in, but also makes an ideal base for hikes or bike rides. The cycle path network in Vinschgau valley is excellent and suitable for trips with the whole family, too. Cycle through Vinschgau valley and ride past fruit trees and mountains. If you get tired, simply take the Vinschgerbahn train back again, which features a bike shuttle for your two wheels.

What makes a Farm Holiday in Glurns unique:
  • The charm of a small medieval town
  • Traditional farmers' markets such as the 'Sealamorkt' or St. Bartholomew's market
  • Guided tours through the town and cultural events in a unique atmosphere