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A holiday in upper Vinschgau valley: living tradition

Farm Holidays in The mountains of the Vinschgau
When you hear about 'Zussln', 'Klosn' or 'Scheibenschlagen' on holiday in the upper Vinschgau valley, you'll be experiencing age-old tradition at first hand.

Upper Vinschgau comprises the districts of Graun, Taufers, Mals, Glurns, Schluderns, Stilfs and Prad am Stilfserjoch. Reschensee lake is located in the northernmost part of the west of South Tyrol, which has borders with three countries. This dam has become well known as a destination for sports fans over the past few years and particularly attracts kite surfers thanks to its good wind conditions. The Etsch river, which flows right through South Tyrol and into the Adriatic Sea and is the second-longest river in Italy, rises here in upper Vinschgau valley.

A Farm Holiday in upper Vinschgau valley: the granary of Vinschgau Cattle and dairy farming are still common in upper Vinschgau. There are also apple orchards in the lower-lying districts as far as Mals, which then give way to arable land towards the Reschen pass. Upper Vinschgau is also home to the Vinschger Marille apricot and the palabirne pear, both of which are old types of fruit and have been grown again for some time. Farmers dedicating themselves to corn growing again are also going back to their roots. Once, Vinschgau was considered to be the granary of Tyrol. These days, grain is being cultivated again in upper Vinschgau, which is used in Vinschger Paarln bread, as well as Vinschger whiskey and barley beer.

Walks from pasture to pasture with cheese tasting Your holiday flat in upper Vinschgau valley makes the ideal base for lovely walks in the mountains. The contemplative 'Stundenweg' path links St. Johann monastery in Müstair, Switzerland, with Marienberg Abbey above Burgeis. Its length of 17 kilometres should not daunt those with less stamina for walking, as the path may be done in two legs. The pastures of the upper Vinschgau valley are worthwhile destinations, too – documents record that cattle keeping and butter and cheese production on the pastures there has been going on since the High Middle Ages. Tasting mountain cheese at the cheese dairy on your walk is an insider tip that your tastebuds will thank you for.

Rooted in tradition Ancient pagan customs play an important role in upper Vinschgau valley. They have been upheld until today and more and more young locals take part in traditional rituals each year. If you're staying in a holiday flat in upper Vinschgau valley, you have a good chance of witnessing this remnant of pre-Christian times close up.

'Scheibenschlagen' disc flinging The traditional event of disk flinging takes place on every first Sunday in Lent in Vinschgau valley. As the name suggests, it involves launching flaming wooden discs down into the valley accompanied by good wishes and chants. In doing so, Vinschgau locals are said to be driving out wicked winter spirits and hoping for a fruitful year.

'Klosn' bell ringing Things can get really loud when it's 'klosn' time in Stilfs. Youngsters dressed up as bell ringers, donkeys or devils cause great commotion with their heavy bells on the Saturday before or after St. Nicholas' Day in December. This exceptional event in the otherwise quiet village of Stilfs is one not to miss out on on a winter Farm Holiday in upper Vinschgau valley.

Why take a holiday in upper Vinschgau Valley?
  • Discovering old mountain farms that have kept their original characer
  • Relaxing amidst Prader Sand biotope, the largest unspoilt river delta in South TyrolI
  • Going on a tour of discovery in the medieval town of Glurns, the smallest town in South Tyrol

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