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Quiet Farm Holidays in Ultental – Deutschnonsberg

Farm Holidays in Ultental - Deutschnonsberg
Anyone going on a Farm Holiday in Ultental – Deutschnonsberg will be amazed at how much slower and quieter the ticking of the clocks is here.

Meadows, woodland and villages still boasting their original charm await you on a holiday in Ultental and on Deutschnonsberg. The valley of Ultental stretches from Stilferjoch National Park to the Gaulschlucht gorge in Lana. 600 kilometres of marked paths, over 30 mountain pastures, 44 lakes and views of the Ortler mountain group make Ultental valley a real paradise for hikers. Deutschnonsberg, on the linguistic border between South Tyrol and Trentino, is popular with hikers too and is an insider tip for those seeking peace and quiet. Gentle landscape with hiking paths slightly off the beaten track await. A holiday flat in Ultental or on Deutschnonsberg makes the ideal base for lots of excursions, mountain tours or hikes to mountain pastures in summer. Winter holidaymakers can choose between cross-country ski pistes, family-friendly Schwemmalm ski slopes and snow shoe walks amidst unspoilt nature. A Farm Holiday in Ultental or on Deutschnonsberg also means getting acquainted with rural tradition and culinary treats.

Discovering origins
Deutschnonsberg is a spot that is sometimes even forgotten by South Tyroleans. This makes the place unique and never overrun with people. The little villages of Laurein, St. Felix, Unser Liebe Frau im Walde and Proveis captivate tourists with their mountain village atmosphere. Ultental valley has kept its original nature up until today, too. The old paired farmhouses at St. Pankraz, St. Walburg, Kuppelwies, St. Nikolaus and St. Gertraud are typical features. These have a characteristic block shape, shingle-covered roofs with stones on top to weigh them down. Lots of mountain farmers farm their land by hand. Staying on a Farm Holiday in Ultental or on Deutschnonsberg means having the chance to feel involved in old traditions and customs surrounding rural culture. Most farms keep cattle and the cows are still called by their names. The festival to mark the cattle being driven down from the mountains after the summer, or 'Almabtrieb', has everyone on their feet. The cows are adorned with bells and wreathes as they make their way down to the valley. The extent to which people around here take old customs seriously becomes particularly clear on festivals such as these, when the whole village turns out in traditional costume. The old tradition of herb farming has made a comeback here, too. Over 120 different medicinal and culinary herbs thrive in the Alpine climate. There are five families growing organic herbs in Ultental and on Deutschnonsberg. They are all harvested by hand and processed. Lots of farmers sell eggs and other own produce in their small farm shops. A visit to a rural farm inn is well worth it on a holiday in Ultental and on Deutschnonsberg. Farm culinary fare such as mountain cheese and 'Speck', smoked sausage and fruit juice taste especially good in traditional farm 'Stuben' parlours.

Culinary highlights
A Farm Holiday in Ultental – Deutschnonsberg has several surprises in store in culinary terms. Along with the traditional dishes served all year round, there are special culinary weeks. Every year, chefs conjure up lamb dishes during the 'Ultner Lammwochen' lamb weeks, while poppy seed 'Krapfen' pastries and apple strudel form part of Ultental cooking. Deutschnonsberg reveals its proximity to Italian cooking with radicchio farming and grana cheese production. There is one thing that both areas have in common: dandelions, one of the oldest meadow herbs. The locals have dedicated a week to this plant, with participating restaurants whipping up delicious dishes made from dandelion leaves, roots and flowers. Meat-eaters would do well to take advantage of dishes made from 'Laugenrind' beef on a holiday in Ultental or on Deutschnonsberg. This high quality meat comes from young cattle and calves from South Tyrolean mountain farms in Deutschnonsberg, Ultental and Vinschgau and is produced under strict guidelines. Genuine 'Laugenrind' has to have been born at the foot of the Laugen mountain and spend the summer on mountain pastures.

Why take a holiday in Ultental – Deutschnonsberg?
  • Ideal for those seeking peace and quiet
  • Original villages and rural traditions
  • Hiking and swimming in summer, skiing and cross-country skiing in winter

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