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Farm Holidays in Plaus: Small is beautiful

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Farm holidays in Plaus
Plaus is one of the smallest municipalities in South Tyrol, with just 700 inhabitants. Peace, quiet and relaxation are guaranteed on a Farm Holiday in Plaus.

The little community of Plaus lies in lower Vinschgau valley, but for administrative purposes it belongs to Bruggrafenamt. Plaus is just ten kilometres from Meran, with the lively village of Naturns being the next village. Plaus covers an area of just five square kilometres and the main village seems like a closed scattered village in the valley basin. The ten Birchberger farmsteads are on Nörderberg mountain. .

A Farm Holiday in Plaus: A frog mascot
Plaus was originally a marshy area, which is where its name comes from, as palus means 'marsh' in Latin. The Etsch has influenced people's lives over the centuries – Plaus was first mentioned in records in 1270. Frequent flooding of the village has prevented the settlement increasing in size and there was just a little fertile farm and pastureland. It was the straightening and containment of the Etsch river that put an end to the flooding. On a Farm Holiday in Plaus, guests are sure to come across the place's mascot time and again: the frog is a symbol to remind people of its damp past even today.

On two wheels through Vinschgau valley
The area in the valley basin changed into a fertile landscape thanks to the taming of the Etsch. These days, the land is given over to fruit farming. The extensive apple orchards are a sight for sore eyes, particularly in springtime when they are in blossom. A holiday flat in Plaus is a great base for bike tours through the Vinschgau valley. The extensive network of cycle paths leads along the Etsch river and past blossoming apple orchards – leisurely cyclists will be able to watch the mountains of the Vinschgau pass by as they pedal along.

The Plaus dance of death
Right in the centre of Plaus is the parish church of St. Ulrich with its ponderous Romanesque bell tower and Gothic nave. The church is surrounded by a modern work of art - the Plaus dance of death on the churchyard wall. In 2001, the Vinschgau artist Luis Stefan Stecher created a new dance consisting of 18 scenes and with pithy verses in Vinschgau dialect. The scenes from earlier could not be restored, as there were no documents about them. The new dance of death is an impressive work and concerns rural life – and its constant companion, death.

Recharging your batteries in the mountains
A holiday flat in Plaus makes the ideal base for hikes in the surrounding mountains. Imposing and still inhabited Schloss Dornsberg castle may be seen from the village centre. The Rittersteig route leads right past the castle and may be done all year round as a pleasant circular walk as far as Naturns. Likewise between Plaus and Naturns is the Alpine Well Fit route, which is a modern exercise trail. There are four points over 1.6 kilometres with tips on general wellbeing and hints on some stretches and strengthening exercises for those who enjoy exercising.

Why take a Farm Holiday in Plaus:
  • Peace, quiet and relaxation in a cosy village
  • Plenty of active options all year round
  • n Good public transport links thanks to the modern Vinschgerbahn train