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Farm Holidays in Meran and environs: the harmony of opposites

Farm Holidays in Meran and it surroundings
A Farm Holiday in Meran and environs provides alternating Mediterranean atmosphere and Alpine landscapes. Added to this are culture and culinary treats.

Planning a holiday in Meran and environs does not appear to be an easy undertaking at first glance. There are too many options. Where to go? To the garden village of Algund with the largest brewery in the country, to Burgstall with its Nature Museum, to Dorf Tirol in search of history and culture, or to the unique natural bathing lake at Gargazon? Lana, Tscherms, Marling and the spa town itself have a lot to offer. Likewise nearby are the rose-growing village of Nals at the start of the South Tyrol Wine Road, and the villages on the way to the Vinschgau valley such as Naturns, Partschins and Plaus. Schenna and the Tisens high plateau feature lots of hours of sunshine. The choice ranges from hiking and mountain biking and cultural events and historical sights to shopping trips, as relaxation and enjoyment are part of a holiday, too. No matter where you spend your Farm Holiday, walks and cycling tours amidst historically significant buildings and places, cultural variety and a mix of Mediterranean and Alpine cuisine await you in Meran and environs.

Holidays in Meran and environs: between palms and edelweiß flowers
The climate is mild in these parts, yet even in summer snow still glitters on the mountain peaks. The plant world is as varied as the range of cultural events on offer. In the valley, palm trees, cypresses and olive trees thrive. The landscape is shaped by fruit and wine farming. Further up, these give way to meadows and sparse mixed forest, while alpine roses and edelweiß bloom higher up. This is a varied Farm Holiday which reflects the variety of Meran and its environs. Theatre performances, concerts, cultural events and modern cuisine encounters rural tradition again and again.

Hiking between valleys and mountains
Meran and its environs make the ideal base for hikes and walks of all levels of difficulty. Whether staying in a holiday flat in the spa town of Meran or a village in the area, rambling will be a pleasure for the whole family here. There are fun themed walks for the children and lots of interesting information for adults, for example, about local fruit and wine farming. Plenty of promenades run through Meran in a leisurely manner and cyclists can go on gentle rides taking the various routes along water. Families particularly appreciate the 'Waalweg' paths along irrigation channels in Meran during a Farm Holiday. 'Waale' are ancient irrigation channels that farmers used to carry water to dry slopes. Paths were laid alongside them to provide maintenance access. Nowadays, these paths make popular walking routes thanks to the varied landscape and their proximity to water and are accessible nearly all year round. Eleven of these paths have been combined to form the Meraner 'Waalrunde' circular route, which surrounds Meran, involving 80 kilometres in total. Anyone wishing to get up higher can head for one of the many mountain pastures or tackle a mountain peak in Texelgruppe Nature Park.

There's always something going on here
Lots of cultural options round off a holiday staying at a holiday flat in Meran and environs. A number of people still make a living from fruit and wine farming here, and they take pains to uphold culture and tradition. A variety of events and exhibitions let guests participate in this attachment to customs and history. In addition, wine cellars and fruit cooperatives regularly open their doors for guided tours and tasting sessions.

Why take a holiday in Meran and environs?
  • Enjoyment of Mediterranean and Alpine cuisine
  • Ideal for hiking and cycling
  • A mix of culture and tradition

Holiday resorts

Farm holidays in Algund

Farm Holidays in Algund

On a Farm Holiday in Algund, there are eight districts of the municipality with different vegetation, historical walking paths and rural events to discover.
Farm holidays in Burgstall

Farm Holidays in Burgstall

A Farm Holiday in Burgstall has lots of hiking options and cycling tours in a quiet environment to offer. The only animal museum in South Tyrol is located here, too.
Farm holidays in Dorf Tirol

Farm Holidays in Dorf Tirol

A Farm Holiday in Dorf Tirol combines culture with nature. Walking paths, castles, fortresses and historical farms are just waiting to be discovered.
Farm holidays in Gargazon

Farm Holidays in Gargazon

A Farm Holiday in the village of Gargazon, where water abounds, means relaxation, excursions in the countryside and lots of fun for the little ones.
Farm holidays in Lana

Farm Holidays in Lana

A Farm Holiday in Lana means hiking in the different high-lying areas and lots of culture and culinary treats.
Farm holidays in Marling

Farm Holidays in Marling

A Farm Holiday in Marling promises a variety of walks from the flat valley basin up into the mountains and features traditional delicacies.
Farm holidays in Meran

Farm Holidays in Meran

Deciding on a Farm Holiday in Meran means going on both a city trip and an action-packed holiday combining the Mediterranean and the Alpine worlds.
Farm holidays in Nals

Farm Holidays in Nals

A Farm Holiday in Nals will provide a variety of cycling tours and hikes as well as culinary treats like asparagus, wine, apples and chestnuts.
Farm holidays in Naturns

Farm Holidays in Naturns

A Farm Holiday in Naturns will involve the hustle and bustle of village life and the benefits of going on quiet walks – with over 315 days of sunshine a year.
Farm holidays in Partschins

Farm Holidays in Partschins

A Farm Holiday in Partschins may be enjoyed at all altitudes: the area stretches from the valley basin up to heights of over 3,000 metres.
Farm holidays in Plaus

Farm Holidays in Plaus

Plaus is one of the smallest municipalities in South Tyrol, with just 700 inhabitants. Peace, quiet and relaxation are guaranteed on a Farm Holiday in Plaus.
Farm holidays in Schenna

Farm Holidays in Schenna

A Farm Holiday in Schenna means taking time out on authentic farms above Meran combined with sunny hikes in the mountains.
Farm holidays in Tisens

Farm Holidays in Tisens

Exquisite and noble: a Farm Holiday in Tisens is characterised by noble residences and exquisite chestnuts.
Farm holidays in Tscherms

Farm Holidays in Tscherms

A Farm Holiday in Tscherms offers great walking options in idyllic surroundings. There is an unusual maze in the village.