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Farm Holidays in Vöran: close to nature and mystical

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Farm holidays in Vöran
On a Farm Holiday in Vöran you can expect family walks, striking natural spectacles and environmentally-friendly farms full of rural culture.

Vöran is one of the sunniest villages in South Tyrol. It lies nestling amidst countryside southwest of the Tschögglberg high plateau, not far from Hafling and Mölten. The sun rises early in Vöran and shines for a long time in the evening. Hikers will find a variety of different hiking paths of all levels of difficulty in the surrounding area and on the Salten plateau with its mountain meadows. Rides in the countryside on placid Haflinger ponies available on many holiday farms and riding farms are especially popular. Meran 2000 hiker's paradise is just 15 kilometres away by car. Farm Holidays in Vöran may be had in the districts of Aschl, Hinterkofl, Unterdork and Leadner Alm.

An environmentally-aware natural Farm Holiday in Vöran
Most farms in Vöran make a living from keeping livestock. Agriculture has thrived over the past few years and the work of the 70 farmers in Vöran has become easier thanks to machines. A holiday here means still experiencing a close-to-nature and environmentally-aware village. Vöran used to belong to the Association of Alpine States, an organisation that aims to protect the Alpine area. The organic solar energy heating plant in the village and the photovoltaic plant supplying the whole of Vöraner Alm pasture with electricity also come from this time. Even today, there are a few farmhouses built in the historical style of the Bavarians with walls made of wood and woven rods and roofs thatched in straw on the slopes of the Tschögglberg. They are examples of a very old traditional craft requiring a lot of skill. Frequently, parts of their roofs need restoring. A number of attractions in Vöran and the surrounding area may be reached on gentle walks from a holiday flat in Vöran, such as St. Anna Chapel in the district of Aschl. The 14th -century parish church found in the village is also interesting.

The puzzle of the 'Stoanernen Mandln' stone men
A spot that still puzzles scientists and is well worth a visit on a holiday in Vöran is the place where the mystical 'Stoanernen Mandln', or 'stone men' may be found. At 2,000 metres above sea level, more than 1,000 figures made up of stones laid on top of each other, some as high as a person with pre-historic engravings in them, rise up on a high point of the Tschögglberg. Their origins are still unclear. It is assumed that shepherds or travellers made them to pass the time or to help them find their way. These days, they are a popular destination for hikers in the Sarntal Alps, not just because of the fantastic views that they afford, but because of the old stories told about them for centuries. It is believed that witches once wooed the devil at this place, held wild parties and sent heavy storms into the valley.

An impressive natural cinema
On a Farm Holiday in Vöran, you can experience the culture of the local farmers, harvest your own vegetables from the garden on most farms and enjoy a bit of peace and quiet. In the village itself and environs, there are plenty of interesting excursions, such as the three porphyry hills of Rotsteinkogel, Beimsteinkogel and Untersteinkogel. These reddish rocky formations are hardened lava that was spat out millions of years ago by a volcano. Rotsteinkogel rewards walkers with a really special feature: the 'Knottnkino' – a cinema made of rock where nature is the director. Sitting on one of the 40 cinema seats made of steel and chestnut wood, you have views of the whole of the Etschtal, Ultental and Passeiertal valleys, the Meran valley basin and the mountain peaks of the Texelgruppe and Dolomites. You will have no qualms about leaving your car behind when setting out on a walk from a holiday flat in Vöran, as the village and nearby Hafling, Mölten and Jenesien may be conveniently reached by public transport and buses laid on for hikers. It takes exactly eight minutes to get to Vöran itself taking the cable car from Burgstall.

Why take a holiday in Vöran?
  • An open-air cinema with breathtaking views
  • Walks for the whole family
  • Ideal for a relaxing, environmentally-aware holiday

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