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Farm Holidays in Sterzing and environs: old traditions, modern charm

Farm Holidays in Sterzing and its sourraudings
On a Farm Holiday in Sterzing and environs, variety is guaranteed. The rural world of the Eisacktal valley is never far away from the lively goings on in this Alpine town.

Sterzing and the area surrounding it provides deep insights into the history and culture of the region. Visitors will come across long-forgotten traditions and learn about daily life on a farm. At the same time, visitors will discover a modern side to Sterzing and its environs on a Farm Holiday: they can take a leisurely stroll down the main shopping street in this former merchants' town and play Mountain Disc Golf on Rosskopf mountain, or dare to race downhill in a mountain cart.

Farm Holidays in Sterzing and environs:: places steeped in history
Sterzing used to a major trading town in the Middle Ages, helped by its special position between Jaufen Pass, Brenner Pass and Penserjoch Pass. The region found wealth when the mountains in Wipptal valley started to be mined in around 1400. This decisive period of history is a constant presence for those staying at a holiday flat in Sterzing and environs. Insights into the tradition of mountain mining may be had at Ridnaun Schneeberg mining museum or on a visit to St. Barbara miners' chapel in Gossensaß. The most well known visitor to the village of Gossensaß in the Brenner municipality was Henrik Ibsen. The famous writer even has a museum dedicated to him.

Back to the roots: the art of haymaking
Views of the surrounding mountains and the 3,500-metre-high Hochfeiler, the highest mountain of the Eisacktal valley, in the Zillertal Alps accompany those on a Farm Holiday in Sterzing and environs. Gazing across the mountains, forests and meadows, curious piles of hay may be seen in some places. They are strange to behold. If hay cannot be dried after being cut, it is traditionally heaped up by hand into what look like little man-shaped formations. On a Farm Holiday in Sterzing and environs, there's a good chance that you'll catch sight of this largely forgotten method of farmwork.

Sterzing treats in a mountain village
Along with well-known Fanealm, Vallmingalm near Sterzing is one of the few villages surrounded by pastureland in South Tyrol. Wooden huts lie idyllically beneath ragged rocks amidst meadows, mountain pines and rustic larch trees. A trip to Vallmingalm is worth it simply for the home-made products made by the farmer. Butter, smoked sausage, 'Speck' and especially the 'Graukäse' cheese may be tasted here. Sterzing and its environs are shaped by dairy farming. Yoghurt from Sterzing is a top seller from the area. Visitors can enjoy the yoghurt in all its tasty variety on a series of days dedicated to it. Speciality weeks such as 'Eisacktaler Kost' or 'Südtiroler Knödelfest' see the culinary specialities of the region take centre stage. Restaurants and inns serve up traditional dishes throughout the year.

A round-the-clock action-packed holiday
Plenty of excursions may be done in Sterzing and the surrounding area, including the impressive natural spectacle of Gilfenklamm gorge or the chance to gain insights into the daily lives of knights at Burg Reifenstein castle. Whether scaling the walls of the climbing garden, going down the longest sledge run in Italy or skiing on Ladurns and Ratschings-Jaufen ski slopes, you'll see the region from its best side when staying in a holiday flat in Sterzing and environs.

Why take a holiday in Sterzing and environs?
  • Lots going on in the Alpine town of Sterzing
  • Ridnaun Schneeberg mining museum is an absolute highlight
  • A trip to see the white marble of the Gilfenklamm gorge

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