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Farm Holidays in Klausen and environs: between art and culinary delights

Farm Holidays in Klausen and its surroundings
A Farm Holiday in Klausen and environs cleverly combines small town charm with the appeal of unspoilt nature.

Klausen and its surrounding area are a perfect mix of town and country, of history and the present day, of tradition and the modern. Visitors can get to know the country and its people from an even more original angle in the high-lying mountain hamlets, enjoy climate-friendly tourism and soft mobility in Puez-Geisler Nature Park and admire medieval artistic gems in the little town of Klausen.

A Farm Holiday in Klausen and environs: time travel in Eisacktal valley
Klausen and its surrounding area have a wealth of trails leading into the past. The old Brenner road, one of the most important routes between north and south in Europe, is lined with numerous castles, fortresses and monasteries. Historical roads and old trade routes bear witness to the hustle and bustle of former trading days. On a Farm Holiday in Klausen and environs, a trip to Trostburg castle will take you back to the Middle Ages, at the Archeoparks at Feldthurns and Villanders you can research the Stone Age, and you can dig for ore at Pfunderer Berg Adventure Mine or indulge in a spot of 'Sommerfrische' at Dreikirchen with Sigmund Freud and Christian Morgenstern.

The fifth season in Eisacktal valley
Klausen and the surrounding area is THE place in South Tyrol to go 'Törggelen' in. In autumn, when the harvest has been safely gathered in, the fifth season can begin in Eisacktal valley. The old South Tyrolean custom of 'Törggelen', a word that has its origins in the Latin torculum, which basically means 'wine press', goes back to the time when towns and innkeepers went down to the cellars of Eisacktal farmers to try out the new wine. 'Törggelen' is still a popular custom today and tasting the 'Sußer' and 'Nuiem' wine in rustic inns is accompanied by traditional rural farm dishes such as the so-called 'Schlachtplatte', or plate of meat cuts, roasted chestnuts and sweet 'Krapfen' pastries.

The three 'Guaten'
'Zwetschke', or damsons from Barbian, chestnuts and grapes form the trio of Eisacktal treats to indulge in on a Farm Holiday in Klausen and environs. The high-quality meat from Villnöss 'Brillenschaf', or 'spectacled sheep', or beef from grey Geisler cows should be tried, too. White wines in particular from Eisacktal valley, such as Sylvaner, Riesling or Müller Thurgau, enjoy international recognition and win awards time and again. The mineral-rich soil of the sunny Eisacktal low mountains as well as the striking temperature differences between day and night provide ideal conditions for successful wine production. Staying at a holiday flat in Klausen and environs is something for wine connoisseurs and also offers a good opportunity for non-experts to be convinced of the merits of local wines on guided tours and tastings in the various wine cellars and estates. The large number of gastronomic events taking place all year round shows how proud the locals are of their specialities. At 'Gassltörggelen' wine and chestnut event in Klausen, at 'Keschtnigl' chestnut festival in Feldthurns, at 'Alps Culinaria' culinary trips to mountain pastures, or at the 'Zwetschkenwochen' damson weeks in Barbian, the focus is on the fruits of the Eisacktal valley harvest.

Sport and relaxation
The narrowness of the valley and the wide open spaces of the medium and high mountain ranges make the holiday region an ideal hiking area – whether a holiday in Klausen and environs means snow shoe walking to explore the endless expanse of Villanders high mountain pasture, getting adrenalin kicks while climbing the Dolomites in Villnöß, discovering the countryside on a bike ride on the Eisacktal cycle and walking path or losing track of time walking the Chestnut Trail between Feldthurns and Barbian. On a Farm Holiday in Klausen and environs, the sporting options know no bounds. Dolomitenklettern im Villnöß das Adrenalin spüren, beim Radfahren auf dem Eisacktaler Rad- und

Why take a holiday in Klausen and environs?
  • Chestnut, damson and grape specialities
  • Historical buildings
  • Spectacular landscape on Villanders mountain pasture and Puez-Geisler Nature Park

Holiday resorts

Farm holidays in Barbian

Farm Holidays in Barbian

A Farm Holiday in the village famous for its 'Zwetschken', or damsons. Barbian lies on a fertile terrace in low mountains in the south of Eisacktal valley and affords enjoyment for all the senses.
Farm holidays in Feldthurns

Farm Holidays in Feldthurns

Feldthurns will reveal nature's diversity for those on a Farm Holiday: sweet chestnuts, wine and priceless views of the Geisler mountain peaks.
Farm holidays in Klausen

Farm Holidays in Klausen

A Farm Holiday in the artists' town of Klausen in central Eisacktal valley will take you a one of the prettiest old town centres in Italy.
Farm holidays in Villanders

Farm Holidays in Villanders

A Farm Holiday in a mountain pasture village: Villanders, at the centre of Eisacktal valley, lies at the foot of one of the largest high pastures in the Alps.
Farm holidays in Waidbruck

Farm holidays in Waidbruck

On a Farm Holiday in Waidbruck, a trip to the castle of Trostburg is a must. 'Trostburg Tresl', the last inhabitant of the castle, will have story or two to tell about its most famous inhabitant, Oswald von Wolkenstein.