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Farm Holidays in Vintl: back to the roots

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Farm holidays in Vintl
Rural traditions rarely come as alive as on a Farm Holiday in Vintl. Old customs and long-forgotten artisanal trades are meticulously upheld.

Vintl is one of the first municipalities at the start of the Pustertal valley. It stretches up to the 3,000-metre-high Pfunderer Berge mountains. Hamlets, scattered settlements and mountain farms on steep slopes shape the landscape. The population made a living solely from agriculture and livestock farming for a long time and has specialised in dairy farming in the meantime.

A Farm Holiday in Vintl: Let's go 'Krapfenbetteln'!
Customs and the country lifestyle are ever-present in Pfunders. One special one may be seen on holiday in Vintl: 'Krapfenbetteln', or 'begging for Krapfen'. This old custom has been upheld in Pfunders until today. Long ago, just boys from Pfunders were allowed to go from door to door on All Saints' Day and All Souls' Day as darkness set in. Later, girls were allowed to go, too. The typical clothes, a mask of white linen with slits for the eyes and a long nose, are still worn, and the traditional procedure is followed, too. The 'Krapfenbettler' introduce themselves with old sayings, beg for 'Krapfen' pastries and say thank you for the offerings with a tune on the accordion. If lots of these beggar come inside, the host is said to have a good harvest. Folklorists think that the custom has its roots in an old death cult, as 'Krapfen' used to be laid on graves, too.

Felters, coopers, weavers...
The Pfunders farmstead trail offers insights into old traditions and the history of the municipality on a Farm Holiday in Vintl running past historical farmsteads in Pfunders. Traditional artisan culture is revealed in all its variety: with carpenters, felters, coopers, weavers and straw hat makers going about their work even today. There are boards along the seven-kilometre-long path featuring information about the special features of the parish.

Insider tip – Pfunders high path: a sporting challenge
The Pfunders high altitude path, an insider tip, is located high up and in the middle of unspoilt landscape. Lots of people don't know this path leading through barren, isolated landscape, which has some amazing views across the Alps ranging from the Tauern to the Ortler mountains in store for walkers. However, walkers have to be fit and sure-footed. The long way from Sterzing to Bruneck Pustertal valley – 70 kilometres in six days on average, may be done from a holiday flat in Vintl. At an altitude of between 2,000 and 3,000 metres, sporty holidaymakers will climb a total of 5,600 metres. The highest point of the tour is the Hochfeilder mountain at 3,510 metres. Nature reveals its original side here.

From mountain farms to the Court at Vienna
Winters were cold in Vintl, yet mountain farmers knew what to do. They turned the wool from their sheep into hardwearing, waterproof Loden fabric and made warm winter clothes from it. Emperor Franz Josef liked it so much that he introduced Loden to the Viennese Court and made it fashionable. Still today, Loden is a popular material that is not just used for coats, but also for fine folk costumes and hunting attire. A trip to the Loden museum is well worth it on a holiday in Vintl. Visitors can follow how wool makes its way from the sheep to the finished product and gain insight into the history of fabric production.

Why take a holiday in Vintl?
  • Relaxation for kids and grow-ups in Niedervintl recreation area
  • The delights of nature amidst meadows, hamlets and forests
  • Sledging and snow shoe walking in Pfunderer Tal valley