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Farm Holidays in Gitschberg, Jochtal and environs: a new slant to the old

Farm Holidays in Gitschberg, Jochtal and its surroudings
A Farm Holiday in Gitschberg, Jochtal and environs will take you to the largest ski and hiking area of the Eisacktal valley. Locals go about upholding old customs and forgotten trades.

More than 30 mountain pastures may be found in the whole of the Gitschberg-Jochtal region. The famous Fanelam, one of the most original mountain pasture villages in the whole of the Alps, is one. The mountain farms around Pfunders lend insights into artisan traditions, while the small villages captivate with their medieval charm.

Farm Holidays in Gitschberg, Jochtal and environs: let's go to skiing and hiking heaven
Locals call Gitschberg in the Zillertal Alps, simply 'Gitsch'. The winter sports area of Gitschberg and Jochtal were merged to form the joint ski resort of Gitschberg-Jochtal. It is the largest of its kind in the Eisack valley. In winter it boasts skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing, snow shoe and sledging options. In summer, the pasturelands are popular hiking country.

Impressive mountain peaks and film-worthy backdrops
Views from Gitschberg panoramic platform are drawn to the Dolomites, the Zillertal, Stubai and Ötztal Alps. Around 500 mountain peaks jostle for position here – including a few 3,000-metre ones. Hochfeiler mountain towers over the rest with its 3,500 metres. The highest peak in the Zillertal Alps is the goal of the Pfunders high altitude path. The 70-kilometre-long tour will present even well-trained hikers with a challenge. Views from the peaks of the Big Five are no less spectacular: popular tours go to the Wilde Kreuzspitze in the Pfunderer mountains, to the Napfspitze, to the Seefeldspitze and to Gaisjoch and Astjoch passes. A holiday in Gitschberg, Jochtal and environs reveals the region in all its wide diversity. Hikers come across lonely mountain lakes and snow fields in high summer at over 3,000 metres above sea level. Another picture may be seen lower down, with cattle and sheep grazing on pastures, a mountain stream murmuring through the landscape and a group of rustic huts in traditional wooden style in their midst: the sight of Fanealm pasture has been used as a film set before.

Insights into rural traditions and forgotten trades
It's not just the views that make a Farm Holiday in Gitschberg, Jochtal and environs worthwhile. The pastures and farmsteads around the holiday region tell of customs and traditions still upheld, too. In Pfunders, the custom of so-called 'Krapfenbetteln', or 'begging for pastries', is still alive today. On the Rodenecker Alm pasture, demonstrations at a cheese dairy and a bee-themed path take people through the world of cheese and honey production. In Lodenwelt museum, the focus is on the hardwearing 'Loden' fabric that has made the leap from mountain farms to the Court at Vienna.

A journey into the Middle Ages
A Farm Holiday in Gitschberg, Jochtal and environs will also take you to the Middle Ages, back to the times of knights and castles. The municipality of Mühlbach captivates with its medieval charm. At the impregnable fortress of Schloss Rodenegg, visitors can find out about the legends surrounding the so-called 'Lauterfresser' magician.

Why take a holiday in Gitschberg, Jochtal and environs?
  • The Pfunders farmstead trail: old artisanal traditions brought to life
  • Deep insights into the culture and history of the holiday region
  • Culinary treats on a number of mountain pastures

Holiday resorts

Farm holidays in Mühlbach

Farm Holidays in Mühlbach

On a Farm Holiday in Mühlbach, the village comes to life: film backdrops are laid bare, traditions such as the 'Almabtrieb' cattle drive down from the mountains provide film-worthy shots.
Farm holidays in Rodeneck

Farm Holidays in Rodeneck

Peace and quiet rules on a Farm Holiday in Rodeneck. Two highlights are patiently waiting for visitors on the sunny high plateau: Schloss Rodenegg castle and Rodenecker Alm hiking area.
Farm holidays in Vintl

Farm Holidays in Vintl

Rural traditions rarely come as alive as on a Farm Holiday in Vintl. Old customs and long-forgotten artisanal trades are meticulously upheld.