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Farm Holidays in Percha: relaxation and adventure

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Farm holidays in Percha
The clanging of cowbells provides the soundtrack to a Farm Holiday in Percha. Between peace and quiet and strolling around, leisurely bike rides on the Pustertal cycle path and skiing action on Kronplatz mountain, everyone is sure to find their perfect holiday here.

Just a small part of the municipality of Percha lies directly in Pustertal valley, while the rest of it stretches across the slopes of the mountains in the north-east. The municipality consists of another seven villages alongside Percha. While the village of Percha lies at the gateway to Bruneck, so to speak, and its proximity to Bruneck is tangible, the other villages are little worlds of their own set in quiet spots far removed from hustle and bustle.

Rustic villages on a Farm Holiday in Percha
With around 300 inhabitants, Oberwielenbach is the largest village in the parish after the main village of Percha. Most of the few buildings are grouped around the village church. Steep, green meadows containing the remaining farmhouses in the village, dominate the place. Wielenberg has a population of just 50 and the hamlet consisted of just a few farmhouses until the 1970s. It has maintained its character, despite the construction of some new houses. All villages in the municipality of Percha make the ideal base for hikes in Rieserferner-Ahrn Nature Park, but Wielental valley, with its wide mountain pastures and imposing farmsteads, is worth seeing. Oberwielenbacher Talile is likewise a good destination, which may be reached in summer and winter on an wide, easy slightly ascending path suitable for children and those not used to hiking. Absolute peace and quiet reigns in this valley – a little piece of heaven not far from a holiday flat in Percha. The only thing to break the silence are cowbells in the summer, when the cattle of the surrounding farms are grazing on the pastures.

In Platten, you can see a special natural monument: earth pyramids. They arose thanks to a storm that softened the loamy soil a few hundred years ago and caused a landslide. After another storm at the end of the 19th century, a trench opened up at this side, rain repeatedly flushed out the side slopes and only spared the spots where a large stone was protecting the material beneath from the water. Gradually, these stubborn columns with their stone hats were formed. They are a much-loved destination for locals and guests and easy to reach on a pleasant walk from Platten

Get pedalling
A Farm Holiday in Percha is ideal for all those who enjoy being active, as Percha lies right on the Pustertal valley cycle path. Before beginning, you should decide whether you'd rather cycle in a leisurely fashion to Bruneck and on to Mühlbach, or whether you'd like to do something more strenuous. If this is the case, you should point your bike towards the valley to the east and head for Olang, Innichen or even Lienz. If you regret your decision along the way, you can always make for the nearest rain station and will never have to wait longer than half an hour before getting the next train to take you back.

A skiing Farm Holiday in Percha
Percha is a great place to go on holiday in winter, too. Ried cable car leaves from the village to take passengers to Kronplatz, Bruneck's local mountain. Trains stop at the lower terminal at the same time. This means that holidaymakers staying in the surrounding municipalities can take to the pistes of Kronplatz from Percha. The ski resort, with its 116 kilometres, more than caters for adults and children alike and guarantees fun days out in the snow. You can ski down to Percha directly on Ried piste.

Why take a holiday in Percha?
  • Skiing on Kronplatz
  • Rustic mountain villages
  • Ideal for everyone looking for a mixture of relaxation and variety