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Farm Holidays in Kiens: close to everything

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Farm holidays in Kiens
A Farm Holiday in Kiens in the middle of Pustertal valley features all kinds of treats and sights.

The Rienz river slowly meanders along the valley basin in the area around the municipality of Kiens and turns the whole area into a green spot for recreation. On a Farm Holiday in Kiens, relaxation and enjoyment will be catered for. The farmland is dominated by arable and green fields. If you approach the parish on the Pustertal Road from either direction, you'll first pass wide fields. This is where lots of products are grown and made into typical culinary treats famous with those in the know about Pustertal cooking.

Enjoyment amidst greenery on a Farm Holiday in Kiens
Above Kiens is Hofern. Anyone staying in a holiday flat in Kiens is sure to be on the sunny side. The municipality lies near the Pustertal 'Sonnenstraße' road and benefits from the many hours of sunshine, as do the neighbouring municipalities of Pfalzen and Terenten. If you take the road in Kiens to the north-lying high plateau and leave Issing behind you, you'll reach the smallest village in the parish after a few bends in the road: Hofern. From here, you can see the scattered farmsteads on the slopes of Getzenberg mountain on the southern side of the valley. The 'Höfeweg' path, a circular walk ending in St. Sigmund, goes across this long, forested ridge and takes hikers right into rural life.

Good neighbours
The municipality of Kiens comprising the villages of Kiens, Ehrenburg, St. Sigmund and Hofern, lies between the parishes of Bruneck, Pfalzen and Vintl, and makes the perfect base for all kinds of excursions. Hikes in the high and medium-high mountains of Pustertal may be done, as well as a shopping trip in Bruneck or a visit to one of the many museums. You can explore the Pustertal valley by cycle path from here, both in a westerly and in an easterly direction. In the neighbouring village of Issing, there is a small lake to take a refreshing dip in. If you'd like to leave your car behind, you can take the train from Ehrenburg station: every half hour there are trains to lots of other places to start walks from and in winter skiers can change at Percha to take the cable car to Kronplatz slopes.

Historical aspects to a staying at a holiday flat in Kiens
A walk from Kiens to Ehrenburg will take you in the footsteps of bygone days and you'll pass the Ehrenburg milestone, which dates back to the 3rd century and is assumed to have originally stood at the Mühlbacher Klause, the former border between the Roman provinces of Noricum and Raetia.

Witnesses to bygone days are just a few steps away: Burg Schöneck is hidden out of sight in pine forest above Kiens, and Schloss Ehrenburg sits on a hillstop above Ehrenburg. Both of these are in private hands and may only be admired from outside. Right next to Schloss Ehrenburg on a hilltop, there is a pilgrimage site, the Church of the Assumption from the turn of the 17th century. An age-old tradition is associated with this church: every year on Ascension Day, lots of men from all over Ahrntal valley set out at midnight to carry, singing and praying, a crucifix containing arrowholes in it from Kasern in a 50-kilometre-long walk to Ehrenburg in order to ask the 'Kronmutter', or 'Corn Mother' painting of the Virgin Mary to bless their land. Anyone seeing the procession go by will see how deep-rooted religious practices are in rural society and how they are still kept alive by the younger generation.

Why take a holiday in Kiens?
  • Base for excursions in the high and medium-high mountains
  • Taking a dip in issinger Weiher lake
  • Pustertal valley cuisine