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Farm Holidays around Kronplatz: the best of South Tyrol's eastern side

Farm Holidays in Kronplatz
Action, relaxation and genuine 'Puschtra' hospitality are guaranteed on a Farm Holiday around Kronplatz.

Town, country, rivers. And lakes. And mountains. It's all there on a Farm Holiday in Kronplatz holiday region, whether it's shopping in Bruneck or Innichen, cross-country skiing in Gsies or Rasen-Antholz, hiking, climbing or rafting in Tauferer Ahrntal, or visiting museums near your holiday flat around Kronplatz. If you think it's just hustle and bustle, you'd be wrong, as there are plenty of quiet spots in this little corner of paradise. This is where you find farms containing holiday flats a perfect base for exploring the area around Bruneck's local mountain. This is where tradition meets town life and nature. The Pustertal valley is also called 'the green valley' with good reason.

A Farm Holiday around Kronplatz: on top of the world
Standing at 2,275 metres above sea level, Kronplatz is not exactly the highest mountain in Pustertal valley, but it is the pride and joy of the municipalities around it throughout the year: in summer there is hiking and in winter there are plenty of kilometres of excellently-prepared piste to ski down. Sun and views as far as the Ortler mountain included. Pustertal valley, with its side valleys of Tauferer Ahrntal, Gsieser Tal and Antholzer Tal as well as Gadertal, also have a slice of this rather large cake. The municipalities of Bruneck, Enneberg, Percha and Olang come together on the top of the plateau. The name of the mountain originates from the saga of Dolasilla, the daughter of the Dolomite king Fanes. Kronplatz is said to be the mountain where she was crowned princess. Concordia 2000 peace bell at the peak is worth a visit. This is dedicated to St. Bernhard, the patron saint of mountaineers and skiers, and bears the inscription 'Donet deus populis pacem' – 'May God give the people peace'. The bell does not just ring out loudly every day at midday, but also when a state abolishes the death penalty or ends a war. The latest highlight on Kronplatz is the daring museum building that star architect Zaha Hadid designed to house the Messner Mountain Museum Corones.

Far from the madding crowd...
...is where the smaller villages may be found. The old rural life sets the pace here. Every village has its own traditions, every side valley of the Pustertal its own specialities. There is more than enough to discover on a Farm Holiday around Kronplatz. The farmsteads in the hamlet lie amidst extensive green fields, and livestock and arable farming dominate the landscape. And people enjoy getting together for a sociable evening in the living rooms of the old and new farmhouses to tell anecdotes, and maybe do some singing and dancing.

A fete in every village
A date for villagers' and guests' diaries is the traditional village fete. The 'Kirschta' has its roots in the anniversary of a church's consecration or name day of its patron saint. When the 'Kirschtamichl' is set up in the months between May and September, everyone meets together – villagers and guests from neighbouring villages, too. 'Michl' is a straw doll that sits at the top of a long tree trunk. Just setting it up is a funny sight and attracts lots of onlookers. The higher the tree, the prouder the village. 'Michl' has to be guarded round the clock, so that he is not stolen by young men from the neighbouring village – a tradition that is still practised today.

Pustertal valley and its potatoes
The South of South Tyrol has its wine, the Pustertal valley its potatoes. The rather harsh climate compared with other parts of South Tyrol provides the ideal conditions for the cultivation of 'Puschtra Erdepfl'. On a Farm Holiday around Kronplatz, you can see extensive fields with low white or pink blossoming bushes and at least three types of potato dishes in all their varieties are on the menu in every restaurant all year round: potato soup, potato pancakes, potato fritters, potato goulash. The Pustertal locals even have their own potato festival called 'Puschtra Erdepflwochn' in September, where all participating restaurants serve up potato dishes made to old recipes and given new interpretations. Of course, the cooking in Pustertal valley is more varied than this would suggest. 'Tirtlan' pancakes, 'Pressknödel' fried dumplings or 'Niggilan' desserts, 'Kniekiechlan' pastries, 'Strauben' funnel cake and lots of other typical dishes from the Pustertal valley are not just prepared in rustic inns but at villages festivals and street parties all over the region – this alone merits a holiday around Kronplatz.

Why take a holiday around Kronplatz?
  • Skiing and hiking on Kronplatz with panorama included
  • Cuisine from Pustertal valley
  • For art and culture fans

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