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Farm Holidays in Hochpustertal valley: in the land of the 'Three Peaks'

Farm Holidays in Hochpustertal
You don't have to choose between culture and action on a Farm Holiday in Hochpustertal valley. You'd be hard pressed to find the variety that Hochpustertal valley has to offer anywhere else.

The 'land of the Three Peaks' lies right in the east of South Tyrol. With Pragser Wildsee lake, the 'Drei Zinnen', or 'Three Peaks', the Plätzwiese plateau, Fischleintal valley and Toblacher See lake, Hochpustertal valley features some top-notch natural spectacles. In this area, which comprises the four municipalities of Niederdorf, Toblach, Innichen, Prags and Sexten, some of the highest-lying farms in South Tyrol may be found. Gustav Mahler also knew how to appreciate the beauty of Hochpustertal valley: the white rock of the Dolomites, the bright green meadows and dark green forests do not only provide picture-postcard scenes, but are a real source of rejuvenation for body and soul.

A Farm Holiday in Hochpustertal valley signifies adventure
Hochpustertal valley practically invented the expression 'mountain experience'. Hardly any other area is so varied as Fanes-Sennes-Prags Nature Park and the Drei Zinnen. The UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site of the Dolomites attracts hikers, cyclists, climbers and mountain bikers to both nature parks in summer. Well-known peaks such as the Dreischusterspitze and the Paternkofel or the peaks of the Haunold group and the 'Sexten Sundial' dominate the landscape. In winter, Hochpustertal valley has guaranteed snow and the Sextner Dolomites ski carousel, with its perfectly-prepared pistes, features plenty of skiing options for little ones and grown-ups. This landscape steeped in legend is ideal for leisurely winter walks, extensive cross-country circuits or snow shoe walks and sledging parties. Anyone wishing to see the Dolomites from an adventurous perspective, should take a few days off in January, when the Dolomiti balloon festival literally takes off in Toblach. Colourful giant balloons float above Hochpustertal valley and add dots of colour to the snow-white landscape and deep-blue winter sky. Hochpustertal valley does not just belong to South Tyrol, but stretches across the Austrian border as far as Lienz. Both sections are connected by the Drau cycle path. The Pustertal valley cycle path joins the whole of the Pustertal with the parishes of the Hochpustertal. The bases for lots of hikes and sights are mostly easy to reach and trains go there every half hour. A Farm Holiday in Hochpustertal can also be a relaxed cultural holiday. If you can't decide, then do both: a holiday flat in Hochpustertal makes the idea base.

Say cheese!
For many centuries now, the type of farming carried out in Hochpustertal valley has been mainly livestock farming. Cattle can graze on meadows and pastures near holiday flats in Hochpustertal valley and their milk has been processed for generations. Cheese production enjoys a long tradition here. Lots of farmers used to use just skimmed milk for their households, which they then made into tangy 'Graukäse'. The cream was used for making butter. Today, lots of mountain farmers deliver their milk to the dairies. The Sexten dairy, the Drei Zinnen show dairy in Toblach and on some farms in Hochpustertal valley, mountain milk is processed to make tasty, wholesome products. Sexten 'Bergkäse' and Toblach 'Stangenkäse' are the most famous. In Pragser Tal valley, farm dairies also produce goat's cheese.

Why take a holiday in Hochpustertal valley?
  • Enjoying specialities from (Hoch)Pustertal valley
  • Very high altitude farms
  • Skiing, cycling, cross-country skiing, hiking – the land of the Three Peaks is ideal for an action-packed holiday

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