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A Farm Holiday in Margreid: an Alpine-Mediterranean wine village with tradition

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A Farm Holiday in Margreid
You can feel the proximity of the south on a Farm Holiday in Margreid. Simply drink a glass of wine or stroll through the picturesque village. If you're looking for a spot to cool off, follow the call of the Fennberg mountain.

The rural village of Margreid lies right on the Wine Road in the Unterland region of South Tyrol, in a sheltered spot at the foot of the Fennberg mountain. Its proximity to the south may be felt again and again here on the border with the neighbouring province of Trentino: there is a mix of an Alpine and southern feel in Margreid. This special combination is demonstrated on holiday in Margreid by the mingling of the German and Italian languages, the culinary specialities and, last but not least, the architecture of the municipality. Stately residences and old farmhouses, winding alleyways, wrought iron window grilles, tidy loggias and stone fountains are a striking feature of the village.
An unusual rock formation catches the eye at the entrance to the village of Margreid right on the Wine Road: the 'Regenstein', a large rock of tufa dripping water and reminiscent of a weeping face. According to legend, a princess who was once turned into a snake is trapped inside,. She appears every hundred years in the hope of being released.

A Farm Holiday in Margreid: the great-grandmother of vines
The municipality's main attraction is proof that wine farming has always played a major role in Margreid: the oldest vine in Europe stretches up to the sky on the wall of a house in Grafengasse. It dates back to 1601 and is today a natural monument. Every year, it still produces around 80 kilogrammes of grapes. With its three wineries, the theme of wine is ubiquitous in Margreid on the South Tyrol Wine Road. Fruit farming also enjoys a tradition here in the Unterland area, however. Around one third of the 1,100 inhabitants of Margreid make a living from fruit and wine farming.

A summer retreat on the Fennberg mountain
If it starts getting too hot on a holiday in Margreid during the summer, the Fennberg mountain will provide welcome refreshment. The cooler temperatures at 1,000 metres above sea level, the peace and quiet and the natural surroundings have always attracted the inhabitants of the surrounding municipalities of Margreid, Kurtatsch and Kurtinig to the Fennberg. Despite its altitude, wine is still grown in this hiking area. Europe's highest-lying Müller-Thurgau estate is located on the Fennberg. A popular destination on this high plateau is Fennberger See lake, or Fenner See for short. This lake, which has protected biotope status, provides a habitat for over 30 different orchids, rare plant species and crayfish. A dip in the lake to views of the surrounding mountains is also permitted. The sequoias in Fennhals are an impressive sight, too. Around 30 of these giants were planted in 1908 on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the coronation of Emperor Franz Josef.

Adrenalin kicks on the 'via ferrata'
Along with the village of Margreid, the village of Unterfennberg also forms part of the municipality. Its 60 inhabitants make a living predominantly from agriculture. Unterfennberg lies on Fennberg and is only accessible by car via the neighbouring municipality of Kurtatsch. An alternative is taking the citybus, hiking up on the path to Streuweiler or getting on your mountain bike or racing bike. Those with a head for heights can work their way up from the valley to Unterfennberg on Margreid-Fennberg 'via ferrata'. Once at the end, the effort is more than rewarded by views of the mountains of neighbouring Trentino.

Why take a holiday in Margreid?
  • A combination of the Alpine and the Mediterranean
  • Cycling along the South Tyrol Wine Road
  • Excursions to Fennberg recreation area

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