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Farm Holidays in Kurtinig: little Venice

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Farm holidays in Kurtinig
The Empress Maria Theresia would probably have got wet feet on a Farm Holiday in Kurtinig.

Venice and the sea are nearly 130 kilometres away as the crow flies and yet Kurtinig bears the name of 'Little Venice'. This comparison with the city of lagoons is thanks to the nearby Etsch river, which, before Empress Maria Theresia's time,used to regularly burst its banksand flood the village. . The first part of the name – Kurtinig – is to be taken at its word – 'kurt', or 'small'. The village, which lies around 30 kilometres south of Bozen, is mainly little above all else. The second-smallest municipality in South Tyrol, covering an area of two square kilometres, would fit into Sarntal valley, the largest municipality in South Tyrol in terms of area, 150 times.

A Farm Holiday in Kurtinig: Peace and quiet in a conservation area
Manageable and tranquil is the best way to describe Kurtinig. The tower of the little Gothic parish church of St. Martin watches over the village centre with its traditional dwellings and a restaurant that has been there for ages. In the middle of the cobbled square, a fountain splashes away and the oldest church bell in South Tyrol used to ring out at midday until a few years ago. On the land around the village, which was made into useful agricultural land after changing the course of the Etsch river and draining the soil in the 18th century, the population of just 650 grows mainly fruit and wine. Ten biotopes providing a habitat for lots of plants and animals have been created over the course of the years in order to give nature back what was lost after the land was drained. The 'Alte Etsch' biotope near the village of Margreid is worth a mention. This is a small pond with a name reminding us of the course of the river before it was changed.

Big geese in a small pond
Relaxing in a holiday flat in Kurtinig does not have to be monotonous, as Kurtinig is not always just about tranquillity. There are guided walks through the fruit trees and vineyards to the biotopes in April, May and June involving lots of interesting information about the local flora and fauna. From March to November, walks focussing on apples and wine are on offer, likewise accompanied by experts. At the end of May, the 'Wein und Handwerk' event takes place as part of the South Tyrol Wine Road Weeks. Kurtinig presents its wine and local farm products and other localservices useful to teh economy. An annual highlight is the Martini Market in November. This involves all sorts of entertainment and culinary treats and maybe even a whole goose to take home at the end of the day if you are good at guessing. All day, visitors can bet on the time of the fastest goose before the races start.. The closest guess wins a whole new feathered addition to the family.

Good neighbours
A Farm Holiday in Kurtinig will allow trips into the surrounding area. In the slightly larger neighbouring village of Margreid, you can take part in wild herb guided walks with wine tasting sessions and see the oldest vine in Europe. Kaltern, Eppan or Bozen are worth a trip, too. There's bathing fun to be had at Kalterer See lake, the geologically-interesting Bletterbach gorge is not far away and keen hikers can choose between Castelfeder on the left and Fennberg hiking paradise on the right of the valley.

Why take a holiday in Kurtinig?
  • An oasis of calm
  • Martini Market with goose race
  • Lots of highlights nearby