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Farm Holidays in Pfatten: the king's cellar

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Farm holidays in Pfatten
On a Farm Holiday in Pfatten, the famous 'Felsenkeller' is within close reach. This is where the governor of South Tyrol receives his guests.

The 'Felsenkeller' has a special reputation in South Tyrol. If you are invited there, you have really arrived. The reception premises housed in a cellar are in the Laimburg research centre for agriculture in Pfatten. And even if holiday guests are unlikely to have the honour of being invited there by the governor, holidays in the municipality of Pfatten in the South Tyrol Unterland will hit the spot in other ways.

Farm Holidays in Pfatten: Old homeland
The around 1,000 inhabitants of the parish of Pfatten to the south of Bozen are not the first to call the village at the foot of the Mitterberg their home by far. Pfatten was first mentioned as 'Vatina' in records back in 860. The earliest signs of settlement go back even further. At the end of the 19th century, a burial ground from the late Bronze or early Ice Age was discovered when a landfill site was being cleared away. The discovery indicated that this spot has been inhabited for at least 5,000 years. And history has left its mark on the countryside and culture of Pfatten.

The land of castles and lakes
Anyone lucky enough to stay in a holiday flat in Pfatten or in one of the nine hamlets in the parish should have their eyes on two goals: Laimburg and Leuchtenburg. The 800-year-old Laimburg, which may be reached on foot from Pfatten, is now only a ruin, but was thoroughly restored in 2002, which makes it worth a trip. The castle is also godfather to the research centre lying below it and the Laimburg vineyards, where techniques involved in South Tyrolean wine and fruit farming are further developed. There could not have been a more suitable place for this, as Pfatten, which lies on the South Tyrol Wine Road, enjoys a long tradition of wine and fruit farming. The Leuchtenburg is likewise not far from Pfatten. It affords wonderful views of the lake at Kaltern and the surrounding area. Of course, you don't just have to look at it. After a short walk down the mountain, you can cool off your hot feet in the lake of Kaltern at Klughammer, a district of Pfatten. Another walk may be done in three hours from Pfatten to the lakes at Montiggl in Montiggl forest around eight kilometres away. The forest and lakes are a nature reserve and feature walking paths, mountain bike tours and swimming to satisfy all sporting tastes. A special natural spectacle in the forest is 'Frühlingstal' valley, which takes it name from the thousands of flowers that shoot up here as early as the end of February.

Cycling all day long
Of course, you don't have to push your bike to Montiggl lakes in order to get there easily. Near Pfatten lies the Etsch river cycle path, which goes through the whole of the Unterland and even allows Lake Garda in Trentino, Italy's largest lake, to be reached by bike. Anyone who prefers to leave the pedalling to the others, yet still enjoys getting around on wheels will love a Farm Holiday in Pfatten, as there is a modern centre for safe driving in the municipality in the form of the 'Safety Park'. As well as offering all sorts of driving safety courses, the centre has its own go-cart circuit, where people can take hired go-carts for a spin. In addition, there are supermoto and motocross pistes for those who prefer to use the acceleration pedal on two wheels.

Why take a holiday in Pfatten?
  • Traditional villages surrounded by castles
  • Kalterer See lake and Montiggl forest in walking distance
  • Cycling, go-cart and motorbike options