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Farm Holidays in Mölten: a charming mountain village

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Farm holidays in Mölten
A Farm Holiday in Mölten features hikes between testaments to past times. The highest Sekt cellar in South Tyrol may be found in the village.

The sunny village of Mölten occupies a hollow sheltered from wind on the Tschögglberg plateau. Lots of hiking paths and trails start right from holiday flats, making Mölten popular with hikers and mountain bikers. Surrounded by mountain pastures, spruce and larch forest, there are idyllic oases of calm at over 1,300 metres above sea level. Farm Holidays may be had in the picturesque mountain village of Mölten and its districts of Verschneid, Versein and Schlaneid.

An action-packed Farm Holiday in Mölten in a quiet setting
There are lots of little hamlets with scattered farmsteads and churches built in typical style around the main village of Mölten. The farmers mostly make a living from livestock farming and a few grow fruit as well. Guests can enjoy produce from the farm garden in most holiday flats in Mölten. Lots of farms offer horse riding and horse-drawn cart rides with Hafling ponies. The wide high plateau of Salten is covered by a network of well-signposted, family-friendly walking paths. Anyone wishing to head a little higher can set out on a tour to a mountain peak from here. The Romanesque church of St. Jakob set on a hill affording great views and said to have been the site of a high holy place in pre-historic times, is worth seeing. In winter, there is a cross-country ski piste on Salten and snow shoe walkers are spoilt for choice here. A trip to the high rope course with a route for children, balancing beams and tightropes will provide variety on a Farm Holiday in Mölten.

Delving into past times
A visit to the 'Stoanernen Mandln', hundreds of small cairns looking like little people, which may be found at the highest point of Mölten – the 'Hohe Reisch' on the border with Sarntal valley – is definitely worth doing on a Farm Holiday in Mölten. They have stood here for centuries amidst unspoilt nature at 2,100 metres above sea level. Their origins and purpose are unclear, but it is said that shepherds or travellers heaped up the stones to pass the time or to help them find their way. Lots of legends abound about the mystical place, which exercises a special attraction for its visitors. 500 years ago, witches were said to have danced with the devil here and sent storms into the valley. A written court document from 1540 accuses a certain Barbara Pacher of meeting with devils and witches here. Age-old engravings in the stones indicate that the viewpoint, which affords views of the Dolomites to the Marmolata and the Ortler mountains, was a celtic cult spot thousands of years ago. Witnesses to past times may be found in the fossils from the sandstone quarry in Mölten – findings of tree remnants, minerals and 250-million-year-old plant fossils. Often these are petrified horsetail and parts of primitive coniferous trees. There are eleven points displaying these findings in the fossil museum, which provide impressive insight into the geology of the Tschögglberg plateau – an interesting excursion for families with children.

Fancy a glass of Möltner Sekt?
On a Farm Holiday in Mölten, a trip to 'Arunda', the highest-lying Sekt cellar in South Tyrol, should be on the agenda. Sparkling wine from South Tyrol has been produced here with lots of passion and according to classical methods since 1979. Every Wednesday, or on other days on request, there is a tour through the underground production facilities and the cellar at ten o'clock following by a tasting session.

When crocuses bloom
At the end of April, the Salten pastures turn into a sea of lilac and white flowers. This is when the traditional crocus festival takes place in Mölten. A short walk leads to the spot amidst crocuses and an impressive mountain world. Mölten locals traditionally wear local costume for the occasion and there are thigh-slapping 'Schuhplattler' dancers, with brass band music and entertainment accompanied by 'Knödel' dumplings and sweet treats.

Why take a holiday in Mölten?
  • Ideal for hikers and mountain bikers
  • Site of the highest Sekt cellar in South Tyrol
  • The 'Stoanernen Mandl' mystical spot

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