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Holidays in South Tyrol

Holidays in South Tyrol

Experience South Tyrol – a wealth of different landscapes making up a unique whole.

A holiday in South Tyrol can mean exploring an impressive high alpine region featuring the magnificent Ortler mountain, a further 350 3,000 metre-high peaks, mighty glaciers and mountain pastures with lush grass. Or there are the Dolomites, with their jagged peaks that formed during the Ice Age from petrified coral.

South Tyrol, located on the sunny side of the Alps, is also famous for its valleys, which widen out into extensive plains.

A good fifth of the area is taken up by seven protected natural parks, which safeguard the unique mountains, woodlands and lakes, and the countryside is criss-crossed by a network of marked paths.

Art lovers will also appreciate South Tyrol, as its numerous churches, castles and fortresses exemplify different architectural styles and go hand in hand with the varied landscape.

Tradition plays an important role in South Tyrol and wearing local costume, membership of local clubs or music groups is all part of life.

South Tyroleans also like to celebrate special occasions and the area is famous for its colourful festivities and processions. Whether German, Italian or Ladin-speaking, everyone mixes well and enjoys what the others have to offer.

This combination of different cultures is reflected in the cuisine, where alpine tastes meet Italian elegance. And a meal would not be the same without a good glass of local wine.

We wish you a pleasant holiday in South Tyrol, the heart of the Alps!

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Culturonda® South Tyrol / Südtirol

Culturonda® South Tyrol / Südtirol

The customisable Culturonda® travel guide is designed to enrich your experience of South Tyrol’s colourful everyday culture. Twelve themes, each with three points of interest, have accordingly been selected. Culturonda® believes that culture is something to be discovered rather than something to be visited – whether in hiking boots, while tasting wine, or talking with the locals.