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Farm Holidays
Holidays on a historic farm

Holidays on a historic farm

Experience South Tyrol’s past, enjoy its present and look forward to its future – all on a historic farm in South Tyrol.
Take a step back into the past: breathe in the air of centuries-old cellars, admire artistic frescos and panelled rooms, indulge in history amidst a rustic environment, enjoy cosy, lovingly restored farmhouses and store up strength for the future in comfortable surroundings. The professionally renovated historic farmhouses will not only make history enthusiasts‘ hearts beat faster, but will also attract those looking to escape the daily grind. Ready to travel through time?

The following criteria have to be fulfilled in order for the farm to be classified as ‚historic‘:
  • the farmhouse has been built in a style typical for the local area and features elements of historic style, such as historic vaults
  • the outer walls originate from the 19th century or earlier
  • possible new additional buildings or extensions are easily distinguishable from the historic old buildings and fit harmoniously into the whole
  • the historic buildings have been renovated, but not renewed
  • the floors are not carpeted or plastic-covered
  • the farm’s own fruit and vegetables or refined products are available all year round
  • the inhabitants of the farm place great importance on traditional products and recipes
  • a folder containing the history of the farm, describing old customs and sayings and everyday life on the farm – both today and in the past – is available to read

‘Red Rooster‘ ensures that these criteria are observed.
Besides taking a holiday on a historic farm, there are other ways to get to know the rural world of South Tyrol. Simply take a look at the other types of holiday on offer.

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