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Farm Holidays
Holidays on a family-friendly farm

Holidays on a family-friendly farm

Whether it’s hide-and-seek in the meadow, playing around outside or feeding the animals in the stables, a holiday on a family-friendly farm in South Tyrol can offer your children all this and lots more. The recipe is quite simple: take a few days of holiday, two to three children, a rucksack full of the spirit of adventure, season it with a pince of curiosity, load it all into the car and drive off to South Tyrol to enjoy pure nature, fun for all the family and warm hospitality. While the kids play with the rabbits, stack hay or pick raspberries, the grown-ups with be able to take a long-earned rest, simply lounging around and enjoying the time with the children. Tempted?

The following criteria have to be fulfilled in order for a farm to be classified as ‚family-friendly‘:
  • the farm must be far away from traffic
  • potential dangers for children and babies will have been removed
  • baby and child-friendly furnishings are available on request (cot, highchair, baby phone, potty, baby-changing table, bottle-warmer, baby bath….)
  • the farm must have a playground for children between 0-12 years old
  • clothes can be washed, dried and ironed
  • in the case of rented rooms: it must be possible to prepare babyfood at any time
  • children up to 3 years come free, from 4 to 10 years there are reductions
  • there must be a children’s playroom with books, games and toys for every age group. Balls, playdough, face-paints, paper, board games, children’s books and drawing books also have to be available
  • there must be a play corner in the dining room or living room, or nearby for babies and small children
  • animals must be tame (e.g. hens, cats, geese, donkeys, pigs…)

‘Red Rooster‘ ensures that these criteria are observed.
Besides taking a holiday on a family-friendly farm, there are other ways to get to know the rural world of South Tyrol. Simply take a look at the other types of holiday on offer.

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