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Farm Holidays
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Learning on the farm

Learning on the farm

Winter creativity on the farm: cooking, wood carving and following tracks in the snow

You definitely won’t get bored on a Farm Holiday in South Tyrol during the cold season – and it’s not just the kids who get to see and experience something new every day. Adults can also take all sorts of traditional farm knowledge home with them. Here are a few tips on what you can learn from the farmers on a winter holiday:
Helping out in the stable

1 Helping out in the stables

Little would-be farmers can help the farmer feed the calves. Dressed in their stable gear of wellington boots and apron, they’ll learn the ropes in no time.
Cattle farms
Creations out of felt

2 Arts and crafts for all ages

When nature seems to be lying deep in its winter slumbers, farmers busy themselves with handcraft activities. They conjure up real works of art from natural materials such as wood and straw with their guests or teach them how to felt.
Farms offering handcrafts
Wood carving

3 Creative wood carving

At Thalerhof farm in Feldthurns guests can turn their hands to a spot of wood carving. Farmers will let older children and adults in on the tried-and-tested touches which they use to create individual, precious items out of Swiss stone pine, chestnut and lime wood.
Wildlife observation in winter

4 Wildlife observation tour

Going on a wildlife observation tour with the farmer can be really exciting: if you keep as still as a mouse and look for the signs, you might get a glimpse of some deer or wild rabbit. Mini David Attenboroughs can also learn how to identify tracks in the snow from their host.
Wildlife observation with the farmer
Baking Christmas biscuits

5 A farmhouse cookery course

When dusk falls on the farm, leaving just the light in the warm ‘Stube’, a familiar smell of biscuits wafts through the house. The little ones can help with kneading dough, cutting out and decorating, while the farmwomen take over the baking. Taking a cookery course will also teach you the tricks of the trade for making ‘speck’ dumplings, ‘krapfen’ pastries or ‘strauben’ funnel cake.
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Customs in South Tyrol

6 Getting to know farm culture

Come evening, it’s time for a story or two: those interested can find out all sorts of things about the myths, legends and traditions that abound in South Tyrol from their farm hosts over a mulled wine or hot punch.
Traditions and customs in South Tyrol