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Farm Handcrafts
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Valuable individual items made by farmers

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Wood  (5)

Hand on wood

Wood is one of the finest and most versatile sustainable raw materials on earth and, as such, can look back on thousands of years of tradition. There has always been plenty of wood on the farm and it was therefore a fixture of everyday life. The step up from the skilled handling of wood to art is not a great one. Rural artisans demonstrate how creative handcrafts with wood can be: they create genuine words of art by wood turning, carving and wicker working.
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> Schneiderhof im Sarntal (Family Hochkofler)
Wood carvings: sculptures, crucifixes, portraits, reliefs, special designs
> Lahngut in Lana (Family Windegger)
Wood turning: spherical vases, wooden bowls and plates, wooden balls, wooden fruit, wooden jewellery, pepper mills
> Oberhof in St. Nikolaus (Family Paris)
Weavings: baskets of all shapes and sizes, decorative items, wickerwork with wool, wooden jewellery
> Thalerhof in Schnauders (Family Kerschbaumer)
Wood carvings: crucifixes, Madonna statues, sculptures, one-off products
> Pardellhof in Naturns (Family Schnitzer)
Works from old wood: Figures made from old wood, light bulbs, keys, decorative items for indoors and outdoors, custom-made products.

Eggs  (1)

Egg art

For centuries, symbolic significance has been attached to eggs in many cultures like no other foodstuff. It is seen as the emblem of new life and fertility. Whether the eggs comes from hens, geese or ducks, there is life within its shell. The shell itself has long been intricately decorated: when tastefully dyed and engraved by farmers’ hands, eggs turn into cheery ambassadors for the farming community.
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> Gamsegghof in Langtaufers (Family Hohenegger)
Engraved Easter eggs with motifs: Easter motifs, sayings, best wishes, messages, special designs