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Handcrafts meet fine design

Handcrafts meet fine design

Precious works of art from South Tyrol

Genuine works of art are fashioned from  raw materials such as wood and wool
Hand-made rustic items are always eye-catching: functional, yet shapely, with elaborate artistic design behind them. ‘Red Rooster’s’ farm craftspeople are setting themselves new standards with their products and are committed to observing a set of quality criteria that they have drawn up themselves.

Hand-made items from farm workshops stand out in plenty of ways: based on wood, wool or other natural raw materials, materials may be traced to a farm in South Tyrol and the raw materials for at least one product in the range come exclusively from the farm where it is produced.

‘Red Rooster‘ also guarantees high quality when it comes to processing. This is carried out by the farmers or their families on site. Great skill and effort come into play, helped along by just the right amount of creativity, meaning that real masterpieces emerge from hand-crafted objects.

The results speak for themselves: natural materials and perfect handwork meet fine design – from the simple to the extravagant, the traditional to the trendy. The creations by farm artisans feature the practical as well as the decorative. You can get an idea of the variety of items in the farm shops, where you will find sophisticated objects combining functionality and style and all having the same aim – to give pleasure to customers as soon as they see them.