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Schüttelbrot' crispbread

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Schüttelbrot' crispbread


80 g sourdough starter
20 g yeast
660 g whole wheat rye flour
330 g whole wheat flour
2 tbsp spices (caraway, fennel, aniseed, fenugreek)
1100 ml water
2 g salt


Put the sourdough starter and yeast in warm water, add the flour and spices and knead for at least 10 minutes. Leave the dough to rest for around 60 minutes until it has risen well. Then form round lumps weighing between 120 g and 160 g by hand and lay on a board covered with a tea towel and sprinkled with bran. Leave the lumps of dough until they form cracks (around 30 minutes). Finally, 'shake' dough into a thin, stretched-out shape on a round wooden plate using a rotating, up-and-down motion. Bake the dough for around 30 minutes at approximately 180° C.

Have fun baking!
Robert Gurndin
Farmer at "Unich" near Aldein
 Let bread dry out (in South Tyrol the farmers place it in a special rack in the attic, but a dry, airy and relative cool spot indoors is also fine).