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Schlutzkrapfen (ravioli with spinach and ricotta filling)

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Schlutzkrapfen (ravioli with spinach and ricotta filling)


400 g rye flour
100 g spinach
100 g wheat flour
200 g ricotta
1 egg
salt, pepper
nutmeg, chives
3 dspn oil
2 dspn parmesan cheese
lukewarm water as required
1 boiled potato


Combine the chopped, boiled spinach with the ricotta, mashed potato, parmesan cheese, chives and herbs. Knead the flour, egg, salt, oil and lukewarm water to form a smooth dough. Leave to rest for 30 minutes. Roll the dough out thinly and cut out pieces with a round cutter before placing the spinach filling on top and closing the pieces, pressing the sides together. Then cook in boiling water and serve with butter and parmesan cheese.
 Ricotta, herb, potato or sauerkraut fillings may also be used.