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Herb gnocchi

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Herb gnocchi


for 4 persons
150 g stale bread, cubed
75 g butter
375 g milk
1 pinch herb salt
1 pinch nutmeg
180 g wheat semolina
3 free-range eggs
4 dspn parsley, chives, marjoram
60 g butter (browned)
2 tspn dried herbs


Fry the stale bread in butter and remove from the heat. Boil the milk, add the herb salt and nutmeg and add the semolina, stirring constantly, until the mixture becomes a pulp. Mix the semolina pulp with the eggs, bread and the chopped herbs, cover and leave to rest for 30 minutes. Form gnocchi with the mixture and simmer in salted water for 20 minutes. Serve the gnocchi in brown butter and garnished with dried herbs.
Have fun cooking
Andrea Müller
Farmer at ’Pirchhof‘ near Naturns, a ’Red Rooster‘ farm and inn