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Buckwheat dumplings

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Buckwheat dumplings


120 g diced white bread
100 ml milk
1 egg
100 g coarse buckwheat flour
2 generous dstspn butter
80 g finely chopped leeks
1 garlic clove


Sweat diced leek and garlic in butter and mix in with bread. Fold in buckwheat flour. Beat milk, eggs and salt together. Put to one side in a cool spot for half an hour to rest. Form dumplings with wet hands and place in boiling salted water. After 30 minutes remove dumplings with a slotted spoon and serve in meat broth (makes around 8 dumplings).
 Dark bread may be used instead of white bread. May also be prepared with fried ‘speck’ or a tangy cheese (‘graukäse’, goat’s cheese or gorgonzola) and combined with cabbage salad (‘krautsalat’) or silver beets.