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‘Krautsalat’ cabbage salad

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‘Krautsalat’ cabbage salad


1 small head white cabbage (about ½ kg)
caraway seeds
vinegar and oil


Remove the outer leaves of head of white cabbage. Quarter cabbage, cutting out the hard core and cut thinly (ideally with a slicer or a kitchen slicing machine). Mix cabbage with salt in a bowl until softened, then add vinegar, oil and caraway seeds and leave for the flavours to infuse.
 Alternative suggestion: cabbage salad with ‘speck’ or bacon
Dice some bacon, fry in a pan with a little oil and douse with vinegar. Add mixture to cabbage while still warm, add salt and stir well.
Have fun cooking
Andrea Müller
Farmer at ’Pirchhof‘ near Naturns, a ’Red Rooster‘ farm and inn