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Enjoy the whole range of ‚Knödel’

Enjoy the whole range of ‚Knödel’

Hints for producing successful ‚Knödel’

various dumpling
Knödel’, or Tyrolean-style dumplings, have been a part of South Tyrolean cuisine for a very long time. Whether in their large or small versions, they always go down well, due to their versatility, tastiness and ability to fill stomachs.

A wide range of cookbooks are dedicated to them and the list of different variations is long. Whether sweet or savoury, hearty or light, in soup, as a side-dish or as a meal in their own right, the following are some hints for producing successful ‚Knödel’:
  • When moulding the dumplings, wet your hands with cold water in order to prevent the dough sticking to your palms.
  • Press the dough together firmly. Before the dumpling goes into the water, it should be smooth and round without any cracks in it. Cracks let water in and when this happens, the dumpling will fall apart. This spoils the shape of the dumpling and the water goes cloudy. Dusting the dumpling with a little flour on moulding helps it to keeps its shape better.
  • It is a good idea to cook a test dumpling. If it falls apart during cooking, add some more flour or breadcrumbs to the dough.
  • Add salt to the water, and for larger ones, also some broth.
  • The dumpling should always be added to boiling water, which will immediately come off the boil. It will then cook, meaning that the water is hot and simmering, but not really boiling.

For all those reluctant to experiment with ‚Knödel’-making and who would prefer to enjoy them ready-cooked by the experts, there are 27 ‚Red Rooster’ farm inns serving them up. You will be able to try various dumpling variations made with ‚Speck’, spinach, herbs, nettle, liver or cheese, from home produced ingredients according to age-old recipes. Sure to be a real treat for your tastebuds.