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Enjoy natural refreshments

Enjoy natural refreshments

Home-made elderflower, grape, blackcurrant or raspberry juices

Home-made fruit juices of South Tyrol
Mild temperatures are with us at last and the warm air not only invites us to spend lots of time outdoors, but also makes us thirsty and in need of refreshment. Nutritional experts particularly encourage us to drink plenty in the warm summer season. 

We should be careful, though: if the advertisements are to be believed, then only isotonic drinks are able to quench our thirst whilst doing sporting activities, children need to drink fruit juices with added vitamins and only wellness drinks are suitable for those who really care about their health. However, if we take a look at the ingredients in a lot of these drinks, we can find sugar as the main ingredient, followed by a load of flavourings and colourings to enhance taste and appearance.

There are tasty alternatives: naturally cloudy farmhouse apple juice provides all the restorative minerals necessary after a strenuous walk and, diluted with a little mineral water, makes an excellent thirst-quencher. Home-made elderflower, grape, blackcurrant or raspberry juices are healthy and taste great on warm days. 

That’s why it’s a good thing that ‚Red Rooster’ farms have bars serving juices made from home-grown products to treat your body and soul. Don’t be surprised if your children refuse to go back to the drinks they liked before after tasting original farmhouse products. Kids especially know how to appreciate natural, unadulterated quality.

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