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Wine Cellar Night and 2nd Farm Handcrafts exhibition

Wine Cellar Night and 2nd Farm Handcrafts exhibition

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Saturday, 11.06.2022
17 wine cooperatives, private wine cellars, wine estates, independent marketing wine farmers and vintners on the South Tyrol Wine Road in Kaltern, Tramin, Kurtatsch, Auer und Montan will be opening their doors to the public.
The programme features wine tasting sessions, guided tours of the cellars, readings, concerts, private viewings and lots more.
A shuttle service will take visitors from winery to winery.

The second edition of the Farm Handcrafts exhibition will be taking place alongside a variety of tasting sessions at Cantina Tramin. Farm handcrafts were incorporated into the ’Roter Hahn‘ brand in 2013 with the aim of bringing rural lifestyles a little closer to people. Starting as of 5.00 pm on Saturday, 11th June 2022, seven farm handworkers will be presenting their unique handcrafted items as part of ‘Wine Cellar Night’ and will be available to answer your questions. The artworks at this event have been specially created on the theme of wine and will later be on display in the foyer of Cantina Tramin until 25th June 2022.

From the simple to the flamboyant, from the traditional to the trendy
The range of products comprises utensils as well as stylish decorative items and snappy accessories. Whether it’s a bowl, plate or vase turned in wood, a woven basket, lamp or bag, a figurine fashioned from old wood, a carved crucifix or sculpture, a crocheted rug or cushion or a inscribed goose egg, all works of art are designed to be functional while looking good, and have been produced with great artistic skill. The handcrafters have to fulfil high quality standards and strict criteria. This is why the entirety of all raw materials has to come from farms in South Tyrol and be made by rural handworkers in order to be eligible for the coveted ‘Red Rooster’ seal of quality.

The start of ’Wine Cellar Night‘ on 11th June 2022 at 5.00 pm.
After ’Wine Cellar Night‘, the works of arts by the seven handworkers may be viewed in the foyer of Cantina Tramin for another two weeks.
Opening times: Monday to Friday 9.00 am – 7.00 pm; Saturday 9.00 am-5.00 pm, closed on Sundays.

Oberhof in St. Nikolaus/Ulten (Erhard Paris)
Product range: baskets of all shapes and sizes, decorative items, wickerwork with wool, wooden jewellery
Lahngut in Lana (Karl Heinz Windegger)
Product range: spherical vases, wooden bowls and plates, wooden balls, wooden fruit, wooden jewellery, pepper mills
Thalerhof in Feldthurns (Herbert Kerschbaumer)
Product range: crucifixes, Madonna statues, sculptures, one-off products
Pardellhof in Naturns (Walter Schnitzer)
Product range: Figures made from old wood, Lamps, Bowls, Decorative items for indoors and outdoors, Custom-made products
Schneiderhof in Sarntal (Helmuth Hochkofler)
Product range: sculptures, crucifixes, portraits, reliefs, special designs
Gamsegghof in Langtaufers (Beatrix Hohenegger)
Engraved goose eggs with motifs: Easter motifs, sayings, wishes, special designs
Hoferhof in Algund (Johanna Aichner)
Product range: Cushions, Blankets, Rugs, Doilies, Cushion covers, Made-to-measure itemsfarm holidays in Südtiroler Weinstraße

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