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The Original Törggelen

The Original Törggelen

Saturday, 01.10.2022
South Tyrol
Autumn is upon us. Leaves in hues of gold and scarlet-red begin to dot the mountains, and the aroma of grapes, ripened by the summer sun, still wafts through the vineyards. This is the environment in which the Törggelen tradition was born: the farmers would invite friends and neighbors to their wine cellars and cozy Stuben parlors in order to celebrate the crushing of the grapes. Today, in keeping with authentic practice of the tradition, chestnuts from neighboring groves are served together with homemade wine, and visitors can sample local specialties. As part of the Original Törggelen event, rural taverns known as Buschenschänke have been selected that meet the quality criteria of the Red Rooster brand. This year there are 17 taverns: located in the Isarco/Etschtal Valley, around Bozen and Meran, and along the Wine Route. The taverns in the Isarco/Etschtal Valley are connected to one another by the Eisacktal Chestnut Trail ("Keschtnweg").
The bonfire of chestnuts, or Keschtnfeuer, will be lit at 7:00 p.m., kicking off the Original Törggelen event at all 16 Buschenschänke taverns. In addition to serving fine wines, roasting chestnuts and preparing local specialties, the farmers will also conduct tours and wine tastings. Advance bookings are required at the participating farms (limited number of participants).

> Ebner in Atzwang/Ritten
> Ebnicherhof in Oberbozen/Ritten
> Fronthof in Völs
> Gostnerhof in Barbian
> Griesserhof in Vahrn
> Luggin-Steffelehof in Kaltern
> Nalserbacher in Nals
> Oberlegar in Terlan
> Oberparteggerhof in Villanders
> Planitzer in Montan
> Pschnickerhof in Villanders
> Rauthof in Meran
> Rielingerhof in Siffian/Ritten
> Schnalshuber in Algund
> Villscheiderhof in Brixen
> Winklerhof in Villanders

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